Detective: Doctor Who Linked Vaccines To Autism Was Murdered

Police confirm that doctor who linked vaccines to autism was murdered

The death of a renowned doctor who proved that vaccines cause autism has been confirmed as a murder this week. 

Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet was an outspoken proponent of the theory that vaccinations cause autism. Shortly before his death, he was working on a controversial molecule that occurs naturally in the body that would have been capable of reversing autism.

Dr Bradstreet was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the chest, floating in a North Carolina river last year. Due to the controversial nature of his work, his family believed that the government or Big Pharma had a hand in his death. reports:

Due to the controversial nature of Bradstreet’s research, as well as the fact that his office was raided by officials with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the days leading up his death, the physician’s family hired a private investigator in hopes of finding the truth about Bradstreet’s untimely demise.

‘It is our 100 percent belief that Jeff did not commit suicide’

Finally, new details regarding Bradstreet’s death have been revealed through a recent interview conducted by the producer of the documentary VAXXED. Polly Tommey sat down with Bradstreet’s baby brother Thom and his lovely wife Candice at the AutismOne conference held towards the end of last month at the Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois.

Thom said that while the family knew in their hearts that Bradstreet was murdered, it wasn’t until they had the opportunity to review the case forensically that they realized the evidence supports their theory that his death was in no possible way a suicide, as has been reported by police and the mainstream media.

“People who knew him knew he would never take his own life,” said Thom, adding that information uncovered by a forensic scientist hired by the family validates that conjecture. After meeting with the medical examiner and reviewing case files and photographs, the private forensic scientist ruled that Bradstreet’s death was absolutely not a suicide.

“It is our 100 percent belief that Jeff did not commit suicide. Not only because of who Jeff was as a person, but because we looked at the science of it; we looked at the medical proof and it’s just not possible that Jeff took his own life,” commented Thom.

“Unfortunately, there’s an ongoing investigation so there’s not a lot we can share about the specifics. But the way the bullet entered into the body, it’s almost impossible for an individual to do that and it was far enough away that it left no tattooing, no significant burn marks or anything like that.”

‘Where would the world of autism be without Jeff Bradstreet?’

Bradstreet’s younger brother noted that while it would be easy to say the murder was a conspiracy due to his controversial (and highly effective) work, they can’t yet say for sure, adding that they must know for sure before reaching any conclusions regarding the perpetrator(s)’ identity.

The family said that while they are still overcome with immense sadness, they know that Bradstreet is in heaven because he was a “great man of faith” who loved God.

“The sadness is to know that there’s all these parents out here, existing patients of Jeff or recently diagnosed, where do they go? Where would the world of autism be without Jeff Bradstreet? [Without] his 20 years of knowledge and input and experience, where would we be?” asked Thom.

The Bradstreets asked the public for patience while they attempt to uncover who may have been behind their loved one’s death.

“Have patience. Be in prayer. Stay actively involved in the world of autism,” said Thom, adding that supporting projects like VAXXED is a great way to continue Bradstreet’s legacy.

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        Yes ignore the truth. Bravo.

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          Are you talking about yourself? Because that’s what it sounds like.

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            Errr no. Try again. Press harder this time…

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            You are free to keep yourself safely ensconced in denial. Meanwhile, the rest of us will try to expose this horror.

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      that’s RUDE – to his family, have some RESPECT.

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        Amen it is rude…click “down” then click the “flag”

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        Thank you

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        and for those who died from measles because of his scaremongering rubbish? Where’s their respect from him, or even an apology? He was more interested in money than anyone’s health.

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      Go ahead and live in your world of sticking your fingers in your ears singing “la la la” when Dr. Bradstreet and Dr. Wakefield are both men of science. Obviously you never read their countless medical research papers. Stop regurgitating only what your told and educate yourself.

      • JFT96

        Says who.? Why has their research been debunked as bollocks?

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      Jenny McArthey is much more credible than that idiot .
      She witnessed the truth.
      Nuff said!

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  • Susan Marie Dickerson

    So sorry for Dr. Bradstreet’s family. He was a hero.

  • mark

    AH Patience! yes that’s nice.. its only fifty four years since JFK offended the joint chiefs of staff.. commissions and enquiries seem engineered to cover up more than to expose corruption.
    JFK’s death was an EXAMPLE for any others, Bradstreet’s too.
    Anyone wish to speak up now, in the land of “Freedom of Speech”?
    Its going to take a lot of Saints and Martyrs and still they wont be believed.

    • Suzie Woods

      Check out ‘Dr Mary’s Monkey’…

      • Jacqui Butterworth

        I bought 4 copies-it was amazing the info in there linking the death of Dr Mary and JFK-medical corruption proven

  • Guest

    My son “was” on the “spectrum” (of Vaxx damage). We did everything (EVERYTHING!) to help him except using embryonic stem cells ( no more money)! We had our son in an HBOT clinical study in GA which was led by Dr. Bradstreet. Yes, I agree that Jeff Bradstreet was a Great man and was one of the most important leaders in treating the children on the A-spectrum! If he isn’t in Heaven then it doesn’t exist! Yes, I am convinced he was murdered too! This report is nice to hear but what I don’t get out if it is that the “authorities” have declared his death a homicide and are therefore looking for his true killer(s)! Others have posted that like the JFK killing we probably won’t see anything in our lifetimes in terms of identifying the killer(s) sad to say! That is because the SAME group of people who first say …”there is no G-D…” then say they …”we are G-d”, have had him killed along with several other fine good Doctors as well! Damn these bastards to HELL! And if I have to go there too just to see them burn it would be well worth forfeiting my soul to witness it! Am I angry? .. you have no idea how angry I am!!! I am willing to accept fighting Lucifer himself “mano a mano” if I was allowed to!!!!

    • Sigrid Aronsson

      Try a chinese TCM doctor – but only one who can do traditional diagnosis and with a family experience of many generations. Search for the one with the longest family record.

  • Jeanne

    My deepest condolences for the family’s loss. The world lost an amazing hero and man of compassion and knowledge. May God surround you with His peace. Please know thay your loved one made an immense difference!

  • Kerry Walker ridiculous. But he was a good man and this is so very sad and so very tragic. I knew he was murdered.

    • xdreamartist

      2nd law of thermodynamics; there is an after life. Call it what you want.

  • albertsneij

    is this an old story? pleas mention the date of his death. I think this story is more than 5 years old. sorry.

    • Candice Bradstreet

      No it isn’t five years old. Juen 19th 2015

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      figure it out first before opening your mouth.

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    This country is a PIMP! Selling it’s children vaccines that parents do not want at schools. This is just one thing we have to contend with. Then there is politics. They find a way to make their own pimps win the elections –so we must bear witness to whatever they have up their sleeves –this or that year against good wishes or needs. When will JUSTICE even the scores between good and evil ways. When will Jesus come back to correct all the crap we must endure. At least we DO have that hope–??? Bernie must not give up –and I PRAY that he will live long enough to see this happen. I believe he is one of God’s angels, so let’s see how this goes—??? I pray for Bernie’s safety against the murdering thieves against humanity!

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      Bernie??? You mean the same Bernie who is a self proclaimed socialist?? Bernie who honeymooned in communist Russia? Bernie who’s wife bankrupted the university she was in charge of that had implemented the same crackpot ideas of Bernie’s??? Bernie who may as well really just claim to be a communist? Bernie who has no real abilities worth a damn and has proven this with his 30 plus years in the congress where he has done nothing of any benefit to anyone? You mean that Bernie??? Excuse me while I go smack my myself, I need to wake up.

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        Too bad you have not been educated about Bernie and too bad you have not listened to him with an open mind.

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          Not much to show for 20 years.

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        You’re just a piece of garbage and know nothing about life and the meaning of words!!! Go back to school and get educated!

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        How does being socialist or visiting russia make someone evil ?are you for real . People like you are unbeleivably ignorant . I suggest you read what socialism means . Anyone who still beleives in god has in my opinion a low intelligence . God doesnt exsist its a con to keep people in order subservient . Cos no matter what misery or horror visited on people they can turn to god its a delusion . The poorer and more oppressed people are the greater their beleif in god its all they have . Its understandable cos people wbo have nothing else would despair without the god delusion .

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          Socialism is evil. Taking value from one person by force for the benefit of another is theft. What part of that don’t you understand?

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            Well thats precisely the difference you dont want to help your fellow man but its how people are some care about others and some cannot accumulate enough to fill thd void inside themselves that void can never be filled cos its an absescence of love basically .

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            Kerry, think about this. It isn’t force if you’re allowed to move elsewhere. And you ARE allowed to move elsewhere if the majority decide to run things different than you like. Therefore it isn’t technically theft, because it is not forced at all.

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          It is you who is unbelievably ignorant. Only the ignorant do not see what is plainly before their eyes because they wish to be seeing what they want to see and not what is before them. Or is “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it is probably a duck. Look, listen, observe. It is not that hard to do. Use your head. That is what it is there for. As far as god is concerned. I don’t partake in deity worship. I have no use for fakelords or their institutions. Though they have much interest in mine.

  • Health Bites Online

    Dr. Bradstreet’s death is a great loss to the world. And yet the police still refuse to call it murder and look for the murderers. I guess they are too high up and thus are above the law.

    • Leila Deurell

      esp. on the verge of reversing autism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God, like they kill people with cancer killing knowledge.

      • Brad

        Reverse Autism? ASD is not a disease and it’s been proven to be unassociated with vaccines. People looking for a “cure” are lost. Help those on the spectrum adjust to this world instead of a fantasy that they need cured.

        • Bernadette Fitzpatrick

          Autism first emerged in the 50s when first vaccine introduced . It may not be the only cause but theres definitely a link . Vaccinating some children and especially very young babies is an attack on an underdeveloped immune system . Im conveiced its causing asthma too in some children . Read coulters book a shot in the dark .

        • Lickylick

          You know your opinion is the generated response created by scientific studies paid for by the pharmaceutical companies that have a vested interest in the opinion you have? Pretty much sounds like a huge conflict of interest to me. HOw about you? Do you think those researchers believe if they reach findings other than what the pharma companies pay for, they will be still receive funding for their other research? Today, 1 in every 50 or 60 babies born will have some form of autism develop in them. Those are raging epidemic numbers man. Wake up and listen to what they say. 1 in 50 babies born today develop autism. That is freaking crazy unreal shit. There is NO way I would ever even think about having a baby with those odds. Never. It’s basically Russian roulette with your child or children. There are parents who have more than one child and ALL of them have autism. What are the odds? What were the odds of that happening just ten or even twenty years ago? Wake up man. Gov’t and all its agencies are filled with liars, thieves, child molesters, rapists, thugs with guns, perverts, and the worst of the worst miscreants of society. Those people calling themselves gov’t are the people usually too ignorant or just plain stupid to get a real job and perform it at a level they will be kept by the company. When you put the dummies who just want to take the easiest course of action by way of making your path harder in charge, that is gov’t.

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    Another government cover up. Read Politics in Healing by Daniel Haley to understand how the government really works.

  • Robert Gehrman

    I’m glad he is no longer spreading misinformation. Vaccines don’t cause Autism. Bleach doesn’t cure it. Get the fuck away from my Autism you conspiracy theorist nutjobs and scam artists !!!

  • Brandy

    If you are interested in healing at a cellular level please watch the following with atomic physicist Dr. Gary Samuelson, PHd – 2016 Autism One Conference if you want more info please go to This is tragic and so unfair to society as a whole it make me sick to think we try to live our best lives and do good only to be taken too soon. RIP Dr. Bradstreet

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    Plus he was working on GcMAF which cures a lot of aliments, the Japanese is the only country not banning this cure. The FDA went into Dr. B’s office and stole all of his files and any GcMAF they could find,,,they killed Dr. B…our Government and Big Pharma killed Dr. B

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    oh look, more conspiracy theorist garbage

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      Does it make you feel safe to deny the truth? Denial gives a warm fuzzy feeling, but there is always that doubt in the back of your mind…

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        I’m not denying the “truth”, I’m denying garbage. It’s called being sane. Have a good day.

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          You define your terms in such a way that you don’t have to think. That’s nice for you I suppose, but for those of us awake enough to see that the media is highly biased, it’s easy to see that you prefer to stay asleep.

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            typical conspiracy theorist bullshit babble.

          • Jennifer R.

            You do realize that your dismissal of my statements – from the beginning – is just ad hominem? When a person points out patterns, they are automatically dismissed as paranoid, a conspiracy theorist, etc. – yet as someone who has been on the “losing side” of several situations the media distorted, I can tell you that once you see the way that lies can be spun in one area, you can’t unsee it. Yes, there are lies on both (or multiple) sides, but that doesn’t mean that the more mainstream side is always right. Sigh, whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.

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    Honored for the link in the article. Thank you Yournewswire. Keep up the great work.

  • Randy Dockery

    if vaccines are the cause of autism, why was there autism before vaccines?

    • P.J. Lowry

      Before the massive increase in vaccines, autism was in 1 of every 15,000 kids. Now it’s 1 in 50. There is not such thing as a genetic outbreak… something is causing this.

  • KhaleesiBlaq

    They’ve been killing off holistic doctors for about a year now.. Look that up.

  • ron angell

    United States Government Accountability Office VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION Most Claims Took Multiple Years and Many Were Settled through Negotiation Report to the Chairman, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, House of Representatives November 2014 GAO-15-142 U

  • ron angell

    Florida’s middle district, which includes Collier county , Lee county and Charlotte counties and stretches from south of Naples northward to the Georgia line – “Travelers found dead along roads or trails, for example, were sometimes simply disposed of in unmarked roadside holes, a solution that required no inquests, no paperwork, and almost no trouble or public expense “It was a fairly common custom,”. numbers from a U.S. Department of Justice report detailing a decade of wrongdoing from 2001 to 2010, mostly in local government.