‘Plane Wasn’t An Airliner’ – Eyewitnesses On 9/11 Attacks (Video)

The following video is a montage of interviews filmed on September 11th 2001 of first hand eyewitnesses who saw the planes crash into the twin towers.

A disturbing trend can be noted in all of the interviews. They all describe seeing a military style unmarked plane crash into the towers on 9/11.

According to the video’s description:

I compiled all the live reactions of people describing the second plane in 1 video. As well as video footage of the planes.

FAQ: Why didn’t the CIA paint the planes to look exactly like UA and AA?:
Because there was always a chance that a figher pilot would have intercepted the drones painted as airliners, and shot down the plane. The plane would have then crashed in a random location, where normal police would arrive before Illuminati agents.

  • Josephine Harkay

    If the two planes were not UA passenger planes, what happened to those people who were on board of the two identified UAL flights on that day? Are they still alive and could they be visiting their “memorial” at the World Trade Center?