Pets Begin Showing ADHD symptoms After Vaccination

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This video analyses the dangers of vaccinating pets when vaccinations use dangerous ingredients, such as: thimerisol, aluminum and formaldehyde.

Reports of pets exhibiting ADHD-like symptoms after receiving vaccinations is cause for concern. The video linked below exposes the dangers of these vaccinations and why pets may be exhibiting these strange symptoms after being inoculated. reports:

Dr. Blanco notes that while more and more health care providers become enlightened and refuse to vaccinate their kids and patients, they often forget about their animals. This seminar will be a reminder that the animals are under a huge assault with vaccinations. Dr. Blanco will expose the trade off of using dangerous vaccines against acute disease verses the risk of increased chronic, debilitating disease.

She will analyze the dangers of vaccine ingredients such as thimerisol, aluminum and formaldehyde and the related disorders of behavior including ADHD-like tendencies, aggression, seizures, chronic distemper, chronic parvo and chronic rabies. She will also give recommendations for using vaccines in the safest manner (only where required by law), not using vaccines at all or using homeopathic nosodes. Dr. Blanco will show how the historical model of small pox vaccinations and their following diseases gave much information to the homeopathic treatment of vaccine induced illness – the model she uses daily. She will also explore the lack of animal rights in medicine and vaccines specifically.

Dr. Blanco was trained at Colorado State University at a time when alternative medicine for animals did not exist. It was only after her own illness did she find homeopathy, which dramatically shifted her understandings about health and healing. She has practiced Holistic Medicine for most of her 28 years as a veterinarian with a focus in Classical Homeopathy and Nutritional Therapeutics. She consults via telephone from Santa Fe, New Mexico and has certifications in both Homeopathy and Acupuncture.

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