Pentagon Warns: Russia Could Suddenly Launch Nukes Against NATO


The United States has warned that Russia could launch a sudden and unprecedented nuclear attack on NATO.

Pentagon chief Ash Carter says western powers need to “refresh their nuclear playbook” as both Russia and North Korea pose a global nuclear threat.

A top British military chief warns that world war 3 is just around the corner as countries scramble to prepare.

The Daily Star reports:

The shocking warning came from US Defense Secretary Ash Carter as he called on the western powers to “refresh their nuclear playbook”.

World War 3 fears are currently high as the United States sets out on a £66 billion project to build 400 new nuclear missiles.

Speaking to nuclear bomber crews at Minot Base, in North Dakota, US, he warned of the threat from Russia.

Mr Carter called on NATO to “plan and train like we would fight to deter Russia from thinking it can benefit from nuclear use in a conflict with NATO”.

Daily Star Online previously revealed potential nuclear targets Putin could strike on the eve of a third global conflict.

The Pentagon chief warned: “It is a sobering fact that the most likely use of nuclear weapons today is not the massive ‘nuclear exchange’ of the classic Cold War-type, but rather the unwise resorting to smaller but still unprecedentedly terrible attacks, for example by Russia or North Korea.

“We cannot allow that to happen, which is why we’re working with our allies in both regions to innovate and operate in new ways that sustain deterrence and continue to preserve strategic stability.”

Armies across the world are currently being bolstered as conflicts flare in Syria, Crimea, the Korean Peninsula and the South China Sea – illustrated in Daily Star Online’s “Top Trumps” round-up of global powers mobilising for total war.

Mr Carter said: “Russia has long been a nuclear power, but Moscow’s recent sabre-rattling and building of new nuclear weapons systems raises serious questions about its leaders’ commitment to strategic stability.”

He added there also question over “their regard for long-established accords of using nuclear weapons and whether they respect the profound caution that Cold War era leaders showed in respect to brandishing their nuclear weapons.”

British military chief Admiral Lord West warned global conflict is closer now than it has been for more than half a century.

Nations are investing billions in constructing ultimate weapons as they face the looming threat of World War 3.

Britain is warned to be “totally ill-equipped” for nuclear conflict in the face of the power of Russia.

Daily Star Online revealed just how close the world has come to armageddon sparked by total nuke warfare.

Edmondo Burr

BA Economics/Statistics
Assistant Editor
  • David A Baines

    The US Administration conveniently forget it was the US. Military who dropped the first 2 Nuclear Bombs on mainly civilain targets in Japan. The “Sabre” rattling needs to STOP on BOTH sides before it’s too late for this Planet.

  • Frank Yeo

    so be it, it was US , NATO & EU’s agressions and posturing, Russia is only retaliating for self defense. If a nuke war broke out, serve them the war mongering parties right, wipe them out will serve the world peace without them.

  • GoneNative

    “We cannot allow that to happen, which is why we’re working with our allies in both regions to innovate and operate in new ways that sustain deterrence and continue to preserve strategic stability.”
    Nothing has happened, just words that have, or have not, been spoken about contracts that almost nobody has ever read. An army is moving closer to the border of Their Own Country.
    But here we are, The United States army is warning its allies to up the nuclear armaments.
    The US flew too close to the Russian border, and across, on more then one occasion, nothing happened.
    The US accused Vladimir Putin of wanting war, that US that has a militairy budget more then twice as large as all other countries combined. Nothing happened.
    Who is the war monger now? Russia is not without blame surely, but if you chalange a bear, expect to be scratched.

    • Deadly Assasin Sword

      read morals and doma by albert pike. ALL WORLD WARS ARE PLANNED! by the jewish satanic bankers. people need to stop being close minded and ignorant

  • F Jackson

    Russia appears completely innocent and has not been aggressive in any sense of the word, rather it has been the US and NATO that have been marching east and threatening Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union, when the elder Pres. bush promised Russia that NATO would not be expanded into the former Warsaw Bloc countries. Where once the Soviet Union considered a first strike nuclear scenario it is now the US that is thinking this. However, I believe, the cabal wanting war — or total submission to its will — and Russia being threatened daily verbally and materially with ABM deployments and armored and troop movements to its frontiers, and where now it is surrounded in the west and south, Russia may strike first. Putin has vowed to take out the ABM sites. And it has been made clear that another world war will not be fought on Russian soil. Russia sabre rattling? Hah! Russia has been begging for peace and a relaxation of tension. What a lethal farce.

  • Greg

    Russia is working towards expanding its borders again. they have a long history of doing this. Georgia, Ukraine, who is next? Belarus, or the Baltic’s, or perhaps Russia will attempt to subjugate Ukraine once more. We cannot forget the Russian forced famines in Ukraine, murdering millions. it was Russia who invaded Ukraine without any reason other than Ukraine wants to align with Europe not Russia! it is Putin’s personal ego that is pushing this war. Each day he aligns more with Hitler and Stalin.

    • GoneNative

      Gregg, are you warmongering or just fearmongering_