Pelosi Reads Out Bono Poem That Compares Zelensky To St. Patrick

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Pelosi and Bono

Nancy Pelosi celebrated St Patricks day by reading out a poem, about banishing old snakes, during a luncheon at Capitol Hill on 17 March

Pelosi was attending the annual ‘Friends of Ireland lunch’ in Washington DC on Thursday, when she said she had been sent the poem by Irish singer Bono that morning.

The cringe worthy poem compared St Patrick, who drove out the snakes in Ireland, to president Zelensky and the current situation in Ukraine.

According to a tweet from Bono, he has a tradition of sending Nancy Pelosi a limerick every year for the luncheon. “This year the limerick is irregular & not funny at all,” he claimed

The display, not surprisingly, earned widespread mockery on social media.

“Cringe levels not previously thought to be attainable,” one Twitter user wrote