Outrage As Celebrities Go Maskless At Emmys While Kids Are Forced To Wear Them At School

2021 emmys

Another gathering of US elites, this time at the Emmys, shows their latest display of disdain for the rules that they expect the ‘little people’ to follow.

As millions of children are being forced to wear face masks in school, Hollywood celebrities went maskless on Sunday at the 73rd annual Emmy Awards.

The only people seen donning masks during the emmys, were waiters, photographers and other staff.

The scene left many viewers fuming with anger.

Breitbart reports: Stars were packed close together into an enclosed space at the Event Deck at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles, with other celebrities congregating at an indoor venue in London.

Presenter Seth Rogen appeared baffled by the indoor setting, as Emmy organizers had announced earlier the show would take place in an “air-conditioned tent.” The venue as shown on TV appeared to be fully enclosed.

“I would not have come to this. Why is there a roof?” Rogen joked.

Watch below: 

Host Cedric the Entertainer tried to preemptively ward off criticism early in the broadcast. “You had to get vaxxed to come here,” he reassured viewers at home. “I got Pfizer because I’m bougie,” he said, referring to it as the “Nieman Marcus” of vaccines.

As Breitbart New reported, Emmy organizers mandated all attendees to test negative for COVID-19 and prove they have been vaccinated.

The site of maskless celebrities socializing in close proximity indoors provoked social media outrage, with some noting that children across the country are being forced to wear masks in schools despite millions being vaccinated.



  1. No one needs masks and they absolutely do not need a mask that everyone knows doesn’t even protectvagisndy viruses, but that’s all they provide. So there’s the answer to it all. Fraud Lies Deceit For an agenda to inject Mrna into everyone for trillions of dollars in profits to a tiny handful of”philanthropic “capitalists,.

  2. The whole things absurd Police arresting people for not wearing surgical masks or some rubbish mask that everyone knows Do not protect against viruses anyway. And your not contagious when your asymptomatic anyway. So you know if your contagious And the cops are wearing surgical masks attacking people for not being masked How stupid is that. And now they’re creating a rhetorical storm over the “unvaxxex” when every hit if scientific evidence, which proves surgical masks aren’t protection, also states that the vaccines don’t even work Don’t stop people catching covid and don’t stop them transmitting covid, but quite likely because they seem to reduce the severity could easily mean that the vaccinated could be symptomatic and so contagious but not even know they’re spreading the disease thinking they’re safe because they’re vaccinated. The whole ile things the most stupid load of it imaginable.

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