Obama Promotes Legislation Forcing Woman To Do Military Service

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Obama supports bill that would force women to do military service in the U.S.

President Obama has said that he wants to force women to register for the military draft, lending support for a controversial new Bill being pushed through the House. 

The White House announced its intention of supporting the bill in the name of “gender equality,” saying that if the draft were to be brought back, women should be forced to serve as well as men.

Antiwar.com reports:

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The administration opened all combat roles to women, and officials say they believe expanding the registration system is a “logical next step,” ensuring “gender equality” in forcing the public to register for potential conscription in future wars.

Though there is some call from some in Congress to do away with the Selective Service system entirely as an unused relic of the past, there appears to be considerable support for keeping it in place despite its practical uselessness, simply on the grounds that it doesn’t cost that much.

The Selective Service system was eliminated by President Ford in 1975, two years after the last conscription lottery.

President Carter brought the system back in 1980 as part of a show of hostility toward the Soviet Union over the invasion of Afghanistan.

The system has remained in place ever since, even though the Soviet occupation ended, the Soviet Union fell, and the US has been occupying Afghanistan themselves for the last 15 years.