Obama Blames Hillary’s ‘Political Malpractice’ For Ruining His Legacy

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Barack Obama has blasted Hillary Clinton's shoddy election campaign, describing her handling of the scandal surrounding her use of a private email server as "political malpractice."

Barack Obama has blasted Hillary Clinton’s shoddy election campaign, describing her handling of the scandal surrounding her use of a private email server as “political malpractice.” 

Bitter Obama, who has just returned from a month-long visit to Tahiti, blames the election loss on Hillary Clinton, and is furious with her for “ruining his legacy.”

New book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, by The Hill’s Amie Parnes and Sidewire’s Jonathan Allen, says that while Obama campaigned for Clinton in public, behind closed doors he was “extremely concerned” about her “never-ending scandals“.

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He couldn’t understand what possessed Hillary to set up the private e-mail server, and her handling of the scandal — obfuscate, deny, and evade — amounted to political malpractice,” the authors wrote.

Clinton’s ignorance and arrogance, according to Parnes and Allen, reminded Obama of some of Hillary’s “qualities” that helped him defeat her in the Democratic primary in 2008.

The book also includes an anecdote from July 2016 when Clinton and Obama traveled aboard Air Force One to their first joint campaign rally.

Obama, during the ride to Charlotte, acted as a “pep-talking coach” to an exhausted, low-energy Clinton, whose campaign was increasingly troubled by her poor health.

It’s a four-month sprint to the end, and it will go quickly,” Obama reportedly told Clinton. “It’s hard and it’s tiring. But this is a different stage than the primary.

The knives are out

The controversial book has hit a nerve already, as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign staff demand to know who leaked embarrassing details about her run for office to authors Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes.

These details included Clinton’s apology to Obama on election night after her huge loss, and Clinton’s own surveillance of her staff’s emails to see who was leaking information about the campaign.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six column, one source said:

The knives are out to find the people who spoke about the campaign to the authors of this book. Dennis has been texting prominent campaign staffers, asking who talked. He’s on a witch hunt to find out who talked to save their own skin, throwing Hillary and her campaign manager Robby Mook under the bus.”

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