NYPD Caught On Camera Putting Man In Body Bag Whilst He Is Alive

NYPD zip up alive man in a body bag

NYPD cops in Manhattan were caught on camera zipping up an unarmed handcuffed man in a body bag, to the shock and horror of passers by. 

Five police officers bound the man by his wrists and ankles and then proceeded to completely wrap him up in a body bag, before driving him away.

Authorities are yet to explain what prompted the inhumane treatment but claim what they did was “standard procedure”.

Nypost.com reports:

“This is the craziest s–t I’ve ever seen done to somebody in my whole f–king life. Holy s–t. What do you call that thing?” the person taking the video is heard saying.

“Never in my life have I seen anything like this. What the f–k is wrong with you people? There’s a man in that bag like an animal,” he said, slamming cops for the “cruel” capture.

He adds, “There’s a bound ­human being trying to move ­inside that bag!”

He claimed police Maced the man and “kneed his face into the ground” before putting him in the long bag.

But using the bag is part of police protocol when restraining some emotionally disturbed people, an NYPD spokeswoman said Friday.

“[The NYPD] uses the device when an EDP is violent and may cause harm to themselves or others. The bag is ventilated and they can breathe,” the spokeswoman said.

They are used by Emergency Service Unit officers, who respond to calls about mentally ill people and other extreme situations.

Roughly 20 minutes after cops zipped the man in the sack, they lifted him onto a gurney and carted him away in an ambulance.

His head was covered inside the bag the whole time, the video- taker claimed.

“I don’t have a problem with law enforcement, and I very much support the NYPD on the whole, but I do have a problem with inhumane tactics — and from what I could tell, this man was being treated like an animal . . . not a human being,” he said later.

The bags, which feature a strong fabric, sell for roughly $750 on some police-supply Web sites.

  • Lisette Muntslag

    You gotta be kidding….

  • Sharon Parks

    and we wonder why police are being shot and run over? It is just starting We have a terrorist police force in this country

  • Sharon Parks

    This is why the police are being shot, and hit by vehicles. The police forces in this country, are using terrorist tactics on it’s own people. Their the biggest bullies of all. All ex-military with blood -lust……….

    • Diddy Boruma

      Totally agree, the Christian thing is just a mask. Its painfully evident from Abbott and Turnbull, who style themselves as Christians but plainly do not practise Christian doctrine. Maybe its different for Catholics, i was brought up Anglican.

    • Debbie Wakefield

      its by sesigne, getting ready for martail law

  • Diddy Boruma

    is the body bag permeable by air? I’m in Australia – can anyone follow up to find out what happened to the man and if, indeed, he was mentally ill?

  • 2star2

    I can`t watch this as the images alone are extremely disturbing. This is shocking treatment of a human being, the police are treating him like an inanimate object.

  • MaatMachina

    did he suffocate