NRA Membership Soars Past Six Million Thanks To David Hogg

NRA gun sales soar past six million mark thanks to David Hogg

Membership of the National Rigle Association (NRA) has soared past the six million mark this month, all thanks to the boycott efforts led by Parkland student David Hogg.

In a Memorial Day tweet on Monday honoring those who died fighting for our nation, the NRA confirmed that its current membership numbers were at a record high. reports: The gun rights group, which had previously boasted 5 million members, has made adding another million members a priority since its new president, Oliver North, took his post and promised to grow the organization’s rolls “as fast as we can.”

Even before North’s lofty goal, the group stated in April that it had a goal to grow its ranks by 100,000 new members. One month later, it far exceeded that.

“Well, they soared past that by 900,000,” writes Townhall’s Matt Vespa. “The NRA, which touts its five million members, of which I have been a proud one since becoming eligible to vote, is now a six million strong organization.”

The membership increase follows the efforts of liberal activists to demand gun control in the wake of the Parkland shooting.