Norway Considers US Marine Deployment On Its Soil

Norway Considers US Marine Deployment On Its Soil

Norway says that talks have begun with Washington over a “long-standing US wish” to deploy its marines on the Nordic country’s soil.

The Norwegian Defense Ministry spokeswoman Ann Kristin Salbuvik said on Monday:“Assessments have taken place within the military to look at the options for additional training, storage and this kind of thing”

The plans currently being discussed could see the deployment of 300 US Marines.

According to Press TV:

She stressed that the troops will probably be deployed on a rotational basis and that permanent deployment is not a question.

When the plan goes through, 300 marines will be stationed in the Vaernes military base near Trondheim, about 1,000 kilometers from the Norwegian-Russian border.

“The work is underway but the initiative has not yet been debated politically in the Ministry of Defense, so we do not have any more detailed answers at this time. Any concrete proposals will naturally be handled by the government and parliament in the usual way,” said Norwegian Defense Minister Eriksen Soreide.

The deployment will strain already tense relations with Russia, as it goes against a vow made by Norway — while NATO was founded in 1949 — not to allow the deployment of foreign combat forces on its soil unless the country was under the threat of attack or — according to a later amendment — for military drills.

  • Black Swan

    ” Why do we tolerate the threat of another World War in our name? Why do allow lies that justify this risk? The scale of our indoctrination is a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis, as if the truth never happened, even while it was happening.” Harold Pinter

  • Mira

    the US is spreading their forces all over the world, and soon they will be taking over the world. This is being done with the dumb consent of countries like Norway who think they will be ‘protected’ by the US forces from countries like Russia. What bullshit. The US are in fact the INVADERS. NATO was founded not for peace but for war.

  • Djago

    Norway was given away to the US long ago. There is no countries in Europe with more traitors than Norway. Norwegians are naiv. They have been taken over by the zionists of europe, and the people don`t get it.