North Korea Threatens Nuclear Attack On United States

Fact checked

North Korea have told CNN that they are prepared to attack the United States with nuclear weapons if forced to do so. 

Deputy Director of the North Korean think tank the Institute for Research into National Reunification, Park Yong-Chol, spoke with CNN in a two-hour interview on Thursday. 

He emphasised to the news network that North Korea was nuclear-ready and had long-range missiles capable of reaching mainland US. reports:

“We are equipped with nuclear arsenals,” Park reiterated. “We may use them if we are forced by the US to do so.”

North Korea has repeatedly threatened nuclear attacks and promised it was ready “anytime” to launch nuclear missiles at the US as recently as March.

Park also outright denied the existence of brutal political camps detailed in a shocking report on human rights by the United Nations, claiming North Korean society “has no political strife, factions or political division” and therefore no need for the term “political prisoner”.

“If you talk about human rights in my country, I will talk about human rights in the United States,” he added. “You have racial riots taking place in the wake of the killing of so many black people by the police. You have prisons full of inmates and new techniques of torture being used.

“The US President and other high-ranking administration officials have acknowledged really severe forms of punishment on inmates in detention.”