North Carolina’s Homeless Hauled to FEMA Camps & Forced To Have RFID Chips

A very scary article about the homeless in North Carolina, USA: This brand new video just released by Seho Song shares more shocking news of what’s going on to North Carolina’s homeless; not only are they being ARRESTED for being HOMELESS but after being taken to FEMA camps, they are given a choice, take the RFID chip or get no benefits. Is THIS really how we want the ‘new’ America to be? What can be done to stop this sinister plan from unfolding all across the country, with the homeless and one day those with homes as this ‘set up to fail’ economic system continues to self-destruct?

  • Teresak Biggs

    its all about control…evil control/wrong on so many levels!!!GOD said it,I believeth it and that settles it IN THE NAME OF JESUS…AMEN our GOD reigns always…HE is in control…HE has THE first say and THE last say… OUR HOPE..IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL GOD SAYS SO!!! this is THE REAL DEAL>>>AMEN peace brethren in JES
    US name alone amen

    • phxflyguy

      This is a fake story. But you like fake stories, apparently.

  • Brenda Broadway

    First i’ve heard of all this. I live in NC.

    • skrudrvr

      Because it’s not true.

  • Sonja Attocknie

    everyone scoffs at this but i truly believe something bad is coming before that thing in the white house leaves

  • Jeremy White

    guess time will tell…

  • G00Dgrl

    Please post a photo of one of the homeless camps to be more authentic in your news coverage. A razor wire prison pic is over sensationalizing an not an accurate portrait of what is going on.

  • April

    WHERE in NC is this happening?
    Sounds like the Federal Government chipping Americans. This wouldn’t be a Republican program, Bath House Barry is “ruling and reigning from day one”.

  • Fred L Anthony

    that camp sure looks like the same camp used in Red Dawn

  • Frank Richardson

    I live in Columbia, SC and about 90% of this story is an exaggeration. There were no mandatory RFID chips. The homeless shelter is at the edge of town not miles from the town. And loitering has been illegal nearly everywhere for 75 years. It is just the problem in downtown Columbia had gotten so bad they began enforcing the law. In the summer the homeless would not use the shelters and free facilities built for them. They would camp out in the parks and hang around the streets and harass people going to business in downtown Columbia. People would no longer go downtown because of them. So you tell me who has more rights, the people going to the bathroom in the streets and panhandling or people who work and are trying to run businesses and patronize those businesses? The first are breaking numerous laws and contributing nothing and the second are doing the whole purpose of our country. The homeless were given numerous chances to voluntarily take advantage of facilities built for them but they refused. So the Governor and mayor began enforcing the law. And there are no barbed wire enclosed homeless camps here. That is a picture of the grounds of the State Prison.

    • mary James

      Mr Richardson a fact that you have forgotten or maybe do not know is that a certain percentage of the homeless population is elderly and disabled, among that population a percentage are VETERANS, from Viet Nam to and including men and woman just returning home from military service! Do you really think the way to solve this problem is to chip and incarserate men and weman that have given their hearts, bodies and in some cases their mind in service to our country! Homelessness is a symptom of a much larger socio-economic problem in this country that has far less to do with the streotypes of drugs, alcohol, and laziness, and more to do with the opinions and attitudes of people like yourself who believe these streotypes that purposly criminalize homelessness, merely because these people do not live up to the main stream idealism of society! Sir whatever happened to human rights and THE CONSITTUION of the united States!

      • Chad rankin

        You know what happened to the Constitution the fucking liberals is what all these people out there getting laws changed from community to community so forth town to town city to city state wide where people forgot about the big picture because of all the little flicks one has to deal with on a everyday basis it’s to much this country has gone to hell in a hand basket

  • Bobbi Jo Johnson

    I highly doubt this is happening just yet, and it is false cries of “wolf” that will cause doubt in the public when it really does happen.

  • Grayfox#1William Mullins

    This is so wrong,some are sick and in need of Medical Attention,with such as Cancer and may not have Family or there Family might of been stealing from them,or Robbed them,or not able to work and trying to wait on some type of benefits or Social Security to where they can get on there feet,No one will Gain by mistreating the Homeless,Sick or Elderly.

  • ElderAl

    Whether THIS story is true or not, the central truth is that the government is grossly incompetent in dealing with “helping people” in any way. Charities can and will actually help people IF the government would just get out of the way. Instead, the “feel good” plan is always yet another over-funded under-achieving USELESS government program that NEVER does anything of lasting value while the funds are poured into it year after year.
    The bureaucrats might (or might not) have good intentions in the beginning but become frustrated by micro-management from the top down negating any real hope of a viable solution.
    If the government made toilet paper, it would cost $10 a roll, be made of smelly “recycled” materials, and have the texture of 60 grit sandpaper.
    NEVER let the government even near a problem…as they will render it hopeless.