Nikola Tesla Ashes Used For ‘Satanic Ritual’, Shocking Claims

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The Serbian Orthodox Church have reported that the ashes of Nikola Tesla have been targeted by Devil worshipers, who use the ashes in Satanic rituals.

The Church have said that the ashes must be moved from the Nikola Tesla Museum to a nearby church in order to stop them from getting in the wrong hands. reports:

Church officials have published a photo which they said shows a satanic session taking place in front of the urn in the Nikola Tesla Museum in the Serbian capital Belgrade.

They have published a picture on the official church website, and claim it is proof that improper things are happening with the remains and that they should now be immediately moved to the nearby St Sava Church in Belgrade.

Orthodox Church bishop Porfirije said: “When seeing the photo, any additional comment is not necessary.”


The president of the local city council, Nikola Nikodijevic, confirmed that the Orthodox Church has made a formal request to move the ashes of Tesla into a church in order to keep them safe.

However, the council is not expected to make any decision on the request any time soon.

The church is interested in the remains of Tesla in particular because the scientist’s father was an Orthodox priest.

Tesla, who was born to a Serbian family in what is now Croatia in 1856, is most famous for his work in developing the Alternating Current form of electricity supply, as well as being a pioneer of X-rays and the use of radio control.

He patented at least 278 inventions and died at the age of 86 in New York City in 1943.