Nikki Haley: ‘Russia Will Never Be Our Friend, We’ll Slap Them When We Need To’

The US ambassador to the UN has warned that Russia will “never be America’s friend” and that Moscow can try to behave “like a regular country,” but the US will “slap them when we need to”

Nikki Haley’s latest take on US-Russia relations stands out even among her most rabid Russiaphobic ramblings.

Speaking at Duke University in North Carolina on Friday, she admitted that friendly relations with Russia is an unlikely prospect, adding that the Trump team has done more against Moscow than any other administration since Ronald Reagan’s tenure.

RT reports: Russia’s never going to be our friend,” Haley told students at a Q&A session, responding to a question about “holding Russia accountable” for alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The diplomat said Washington still works with Moscow “when we need to, and we slap them when we need to.”

She then raised the stakes further: “Everybody likes to listen to the words. I’m going to tell you – look at the actions,” Haley urged. “We expelled 60 Russian diplomats/spies, we have armed Ukraine so that they can defend themselves,” she added.

According to the UN envoy, the US is doing “two things Russia would never want us to do,” namely enlarging the military and expanding its energy policy. “So, this president has done more against Russia than any president since Reagan,” she asserted.

“You haven’t seen the end of what this administration will do to Russia. You will continue to see that play out,” she stressed.

Cooling down the degree of Russia-bashing in her speech, Haley said the US and Russia do cooperate on Afghanistan and Africa, looking out for areas of mutual interest. Meanwhile, she claimed, “our relations with Russia depend solely on Russia.”

However, the Russian leadership can make life easier “if they decide to be a good actor and deal in the international community like regular countries,” the ambassador noted, adding that “they will see more countries want to work with them.”

The topic of Russia-bashing and Moscow’s alleged interference in US democratic processes seems far away from dwindling, despite no solid evidence being presented so far to the public. Moscow has repeatedly brushed off the claims. “Until we see facts, everything else will be just blather,” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in Munich last month.

However, there could be signs of improvement on the horizon. Donald Trump has recently suggested meeting Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Washington, DC. In March, he said the two leaders “will be meeting in the not too distant future to discuss the arms race which is getting out of control.” Putin and Trump have so far met twice.

The first meeting occurred during the G20 summit in Germany last July, and the second took place on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam in November. President Putin, as well as several Russian officials, has continuously signaled Moscow’s readiness to improve ties with the US and the West, based on trust and respect.


  1. “Slap the Russians”…they’ll kick her fckn ass all the way down the Ganges….then hand her to the Slavs or Chechens….then she’ll know what a ‘slappin’ really is

  2. This women has no diplomatic skills at all whats so ever, and has no idea what she is playing with; e.g. she is playing with dynamite under her dress and an atomic bomb between her ears. One wonders how in the world she ever got into politics and especially into the position she holds, not understanding the responsibility and etiquette involved in dealing with other countries with mutual respect. Therefore one wonders why she was given this post, what did she promise the puppeteers?

  3. She should be forced to be on the front lines when the battle starts, so she can lead by example of the proper slap. How any one would trust or like this scumbag is beyond any comprehension.

  4. If she doesn’t, she should and will regret those words. I suggest getting the UN out of the US and getting the US out of the UN. We could better use the money somewhere else, prosecuting genuine criminals like Barry, Mrs. Bill, and the whole Soetoro administration.

  5. The USA is no longer a white Christian country. In less than one generation the white majority will be in a minority. All Russia needs to do is bide its time and the USA will destroy itself. So this silly woman can threaten all she likes. But the truth is America is in a state of decadence and their empire will soon be at an end.

      • I have heard of this before, but Richard von Coudenhove Kalergi was not a Zionist Jew. He was from mixed-race. His father was from Austria and his mother was Japanese. But the Jews do play a significant role in the New World order. What we are seeing now, is the greatest genocide in human history, and the elimination of the white race.

  6. More fuel for the Russian fire… it has gone so far past if the amewhoricans will go to war with Russia is a matter of when the amewhoricans go to war with Russia ..the sooner the better…time to “lance the boil”…….

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