New Zealand Prime Minister: “We’ll NEVER Stop Forcing Needles in Your Arms”

Fact checked
New Zealand Prime Minister vows to inject residents forever

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has gleefully boasted that “there’s not going to be an end point to this vaccination program.”

These people are sick!

“So long as there’s people who are eligible who haven’t been vaccinated, we’ve got work to do,” Ardern said in a Twitter video.

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“Do you know, I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied so long as there’s someone who is eligible and hasn’t been (vaccinated),” she hysterically said.

“There’s not going to be an end point to this vaccination program,” Prime Minister Ardern admitted. reports: Ardern delivered the message while adopting her familiar passive-aggressive smiley mannerism, as seen many times before when she casually revealed the next step in COVID authoritarianism.

People who fail to continually get vaccinated will face the same fate as those who have continued to resist compulsory shots, they’ll be out of work, face social ostracization and God only knows what else in the future.

Enjoy your lifetime booster shots and enjoy not being able to travel, visit a restaurant or eventually go in a shop if you miss out on just one.

Remember, if you don’t take the Pfizer jab for life, you’ll never be “fully vaccinated”.

It truly never ends.


  1. BUT yet the new verson is breaking through them anyway but the virus is weakening? herd immunity close at hand? 8 billion jabbys the juice is almost everywere and the covid is changeing it`s geno trying to live on

  2. I knew she was like that the first time I saw her .I’m very curious as to how she ever won the election .Maybe her competition was a real tosser .

  3. You guys really need to cut it out with the hyperbole, I mean if that’s “hysterical” calm must be somewhere close to dead. Granted, she is one of those people you don’t want anywhere near you but she really isn’t all that. Watch the video on Twitter and she comes across as about halfway reasonable. That’s the scary part.

  4. She is one of the antichrist people and she is just a mouthpiece, a spokesperson for Lucifer.
    If anyone finds her anything but deplorable, lethal, insane, demonic and evil, you are probably just as evil as she is.
    The world will be purified of all evil monstrous, serpents like her very soon.
    Everyone who is with her, serves her, obeys her, or thinks well of her and does not recognize she is demonic will be going with her to permanent eternal Hell.
    Just like God cast Lucifer and 3/4’s of the Angels who sided with him out of heaven, forever into Hell, all the devils like her, will be cast down to eternal Hell very soon. There is no escape for them. The final Judgement day is right around the corner.
    God is bringing us final Justice.
    Not one antichrist demon like she is, will be left on earth after the purification.
    Everyone will all see it coming in the sky very soon.

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