New York & Denver Public Libraries Refuse To Cancel Dr. Seuss

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Dr Seuss libraries

Public libraries across the United States, including those in New York and Denver, are refusing to cave to the woke mob and cancel Dr. Seuss.

They have both said they will be keeping the children’s books on their shelves.

A spokesman for The New York Public Library (NYPL) said: “As public libraries do not censor material, the very few copies we have of the 6 Dr. Seuss titles in question will remain in circulation until they are no longer in acceptable condition”

Summit News reports: Last week, a far-left group called Learning for Justice forced the publisher of the books, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, to cease printing and licensing six of the works, asserting that they promoted “white supremacy.”

That prompted an immediate backlash, with sales surging on Amazon by a whopping 5.7 million percent.

Numerous libraries across the country have also stated that they will not remove the titles from their shelves.

The latest to do so is the New York Public Library, which serves Manhattan, with spokeswoman Angela Montefinise telling the media, “As with all public libraries the New York Public Library does not censor books.”

The copies that are stocked in the library will continue to be circulated until they “are no longer in acceptable condition,” according to Montefinise.

Libraries that serve the Bronx, and Staten Island, the Brooklyn and Queens have also all vowed to keep the books in circulation.

The Denver Public Library in Colorado followed suit, releasing a statement that said, “The freedom of choice in what a person decides to read is here to stay and the value of reading for any child is critical in their development.”