New Report Claims Europe’s Hottest Summer Led To 20,000 Excess Deaths

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More than 20,000 excess deaths were recorded in Spain, France Germany and the UK during this summer’s heatwaves according to a new report.

Excess deaths are the number of deaths beyond what would have been expected under ‘normal’ conditions based on historical data…and from all causes.

2022 was reporedly Europe’s hottest summer in recorded history and the temperatures would have been virtually impossible without climate crisis according to scientists.

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While it is being suggested that climate change, global warming or whatever you care to call it, is responsible for the summer’s excess death rates, the roll out of an experimental ‘vaccine’ is not even mentioned as a possible cause.

The Mail Online reports: In England and Wales alone, 3,271 excess deaths were recorded between June 1 and September 7, according to the Office for National Statistics.

While these weren’t specifically heat-related deaths, this was 6.2 per cent higher than the five-year average, and more tended to be recorded on the hotter days.

Dr Eunice Lo, a climate researcher at the University of Bristol, said that about 2,000 extra deaths in England are related to heatwaves each year on average.

She said: ‘Heatwaves are becoming more frequent and intense as the globe warms up, so we can expect more and hotter heatwaves in future. 

‘Scientists have linked many past heatwaves to human-induced climate change. 

‘This means that observed heatwaves have been made more likely to occur or more intense because of human emissions of greenhouse gases.

‘Extreme heat can be dangerous to human health.’

On Monday, the French government health agency, Santé Publique France, revealed that 10,420 excess deaths were reported in the country in summer 2022.

One in every four of these deaths were recorded during one the of the three intense heatwaves, that went on for a total of 44 days over June, July and August.

These deaths were not necessarily heat-related, however numbers were 20 per cent higher in regions with red heatwave alerts.   

In Spain there were 4,655 extra deaths due to extreme heat between June and August, and in Germany there were 4,500.

Dr Friederike Otto, a climate scientist at Imperial College London, said: ‘Heatwaves are one of the biggest threats posed by climate change. 

‘High temperatures are responsible for thousands of deaths across the world every year, many of which go under-reported. 

‘Despite this overwhelming evidence, there is still little public awareness of the dangers that extreme temperatures present to human health.’

Last month, a study found that the droughts felt in the Northern Hemisphere this summer were made up to 20 times more likely by climate change


  1. They’re using reverse cycle Air conditioners to kill people They know EXACTLY what they’re doing when they instruct the installers were to place the outdoor units. They know the air coming out is un naturally hot or freezing cold.

  2. This must be part of the new “science” doctrine that counts all deaths as from totally new and never before seen reasons and illnesses…

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