NBC on the Brink as Nick Sandmann Reaches ‘Historic Settlement’

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Nick Sanmann reaches historic settlement with NBC

NBC could be on the brink of financial ruin after Covington Catholic teen Nicholas Sandmann won a historic settlement with the far-left network on Friday.

Sandmann’s lawyers filed a $800 million lawsuit against CNN, WaPo and NBC Universal after the far-left outlets smeared him in 2019 to make him look he harassed Nathan Phillips, a Native American who attended the Indigenous Peoples March in DC that year.

Sandmann filed a $275 million lawsuit against NBC-Universal and MSNBC and settled for an undisclosed amount of money, according to a statement released on Twitter.

“At this time I would like to release that NBC and I have reached a settlement. The terms are confidential.” Nick Sandmann revealed on Friday.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Sandmann hit WaPo with a $250 million lawsuit.

The lawsuit against WaPo claims that the paper “vilified” the student that was seen in a viral video being confronted by far-left activist Nathan Phillips because of the fact that he is white.

Sandmann also slammed CNN with a $250 million suit – he settled with both CNN and Wapo last year.