NBC Host Calls Non-Muslims ‘Cattle’, and Compares Homosexuals to Pedophiles

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MSNBC host calls non-muslim people 'cattle' and refers to homosexuals as 'pedophiles'

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan called non-Muslims ‘animals’ and ‘cattle’ and referred to homosexuals as ‘pedophiles’, according to a newly surfaced video.

In one of the recordings, the host of MSNBC’s “The Mehdi Hasan Show” compared non-Muslims and atheists to “cattle” and included “homosexuals” in a long list of abhorrent behaviors and categories that he claims go against Islam, including pedophilia and bestiality.

“All of these ulama unanimously agree that at the very minimum if Yazid was not a Kaffir — then at the very minimum he was a fasiq, a transgressor, a breaker of Islamic laws, a corrupt individual, a tyrant, a killer a drunkard, a dog lover, a music lover, a homosexual, a pedophile, a sexual deviant, someone who slept with his own mother,” Hasan declared in the sermon.

“In this respect the Koran describes the atheist as cattle. As cattle of those who grow the crops and do not stop and wonder about this world,” he added.


Thepostmillennial.com reports: Hasan, who has previously addressed the remarks on Twitter, has not seen any consequences to his career as a result of his opinions, when they previously surfaced. Hasan, who worked at Al Jazeera at the time, also worked for The Intercept, which said it stood by the columnist and described his decision to speak up as “showing regret and contrition,” per The Wrap in 2019.

Despite having previously addressed his statements, Hasan has continued to denigrate and dehumanize his political opponents, the Republicans, as “domestic terrorists” and the supporters of terrorism.