NATO Sending 4,000 Soldiers Towards Russia In Face-off With Putin

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NATO and Russian President Putin in face-off with eachother as Nato send 4,000 troops to Russian border

4,000 NATO soldiers may be sent to the Russian border as tensions with Vladimir Putin increase. 

NATO say they are considering placing troops across Poland and 3 other Baltic states, in a signal that many are saying indicates that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization view Russia as an enemy. reports:

Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pfifer said that reports of Nato considering sending soldiers is a sign that Russia is now viewed “not as the partner we’d hoped for over the past 20-odd years, but more as a potential adversary”.

He added: “You’re starting to turn the ship.

“If you’re talking 800 to 1,000 troops, that would be big.

“And it would be designed to communicate to the Russians that Nato is serious – it will defend Nato territory.”

However sources claim that plans have laid out a strategy that could see 4,000 soldiers sent.

Mr Pfifer added: “I wouldn’t put an armoured brigade in Eastern Estonia. I think that would be very provocative.

“But you could do other types of forces that would really not have the capability to head off and take St Petersburg.”