NATO Chief ‘Fears’ A Full Blown War Between The West & Russia This Winter

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has expressed a fear that the alliance may be dragged into a full blown war with Russia this winter.

The NATO chief said that the alliance’s most important task was to prevent war in Europe but is worried “If things go wrong, things can go terribly wrong.”

Breitbart reports: Stoltenberg told Norwegian broadcaster NRK this week “It’s a very serious and fateful time in Europe, and thus also for Norway”

“I fear that the war in Ukraine will get out of control and spread into a major war between NATO and Russia. But I am confident that we will avoid it,” Stoltenberg said.

“[Putin] knows it’s all for one, and one for all. NATO’s most important task is to prevent all-out war in Europe, and that is enough we are working on every single day,” he added.

Stoltenberg also acknowledged growing issues regarding food prices and energy in Europe, saying: “It is a painful price we in Europe bear. But it will be a great price to pay if our freedom is threatened by Putin winning in Ukraine.”

While the NATO chief said that he remains confident in Ukraine’s military abilities in the conflict, others, such as Dr Gunnar Beck, a Member of Parliament (MEP) for the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, claimed the west has “misplaced optimism” in a victory against Russia.

“There is a lot of triumphalism right now, talk of Russia being pushed back to its pre-conflict borders and I think that’s misplaced triumphalism. What we need in Ukraine, above all, is a genuine compromise peace as soon as possible,” Dr Beck told Breitbart London last month.


  1. The North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO!!!) is already at WAR with Russia…

    Unfortunately since only those special kind of idiots are going into Ukraine to try and make some money being “mercenaries” – and even these are already “re-thinking” their idiotic choices “Foreign Mercenaries Ready To Retire From Ukrainian Front Lines” – while the rest of the modern moron slaves keep having the GOOD SLAVING around Europe and UK and Canada and the USofT, this WAR is not perceived as a real war!

    So I do WANT to see the herds of modern moron slaves from those countries actually going to WAR… Just for FUN.

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  3. “the one thing GOD HATES above ALL Sins and Abominations is the hypocrite”
    “all LIARS go to Hell” Bible.

  4. Nobody in Russia wanted this war but now they must finish it. More Russians died from war and communism in the 20th century than all others combined. The great-reset mafia and their NATO bitch vassals thought they could punish Russia for bombing ISIS (their CIA-MOSSAD terrorist army) in Syria. Remember Jewish neocons were going to take out 7 countries in 5 years? The war could be over tomorrow but there will never be a neo-bolshevik “big Israel” armed with fake dollars on Russia’s border.

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    Where California sits, Hawaii and Japan are west.
    Where Japan sits, China is west.
    Of course everything is west of your country until it reaches the east of your country and somewhere between that, it changes from west to east. Yup!

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