NASA Say Earth Will Experience 15 Days Of Darkness This November

The "November Black Out" event, according to NASA, hasn't occurred in over 1 Million years.

Fact or fiction? According to some reports NASA have announced that Earth will be plunged into darkness for 15 days in November 2015

Some media outlets are reporting on a NASA announcement that states that the Earth will experience 15 days of total darkness between November 15 to November 29, 2015. 

The event will see the world plunged “in complete darkness” starting on Sunday November 15th, 2015 at 3 a.m. and has been dubbed the “November Black Out” event. reports:

Charles Bolden, who was appointed to head of NASA by President Obama, issued a 1000 page document explaining the event to the White House.

According to the report, on October 26, 2015, Venus and Jupiter will engage in a close parallelism, only being separated by 1 degree. Venus will pass to the southwest of Jupiter, causing Venus to shine 10 times brighter than Jupiter. The light from Venus will heat up the gases on Jupiter causing a reaction.

The gaseous reaction will release an unprecedented amount of Hydrogen into Space. The Hydrogen gas will make contact with Earth’s sun at approximately 2:50 a.m. The amass amount of Hydrogen making contact with the sun will cause a massive explosion on the Sun’s surface. The explosions will cause the Sun’s surface temperature to increase to 9,000 degrees Kelvin in an instant.

The sun will then attempt to cease the explosions by emitting heat from its core. The heat will cause the Sun to dim to a bluish color. Once the sun reaches the bluish color, it will take approximately 14 days to restore its normal surface temperature, returning its normal color to the Red Giant.

While the sun is cooling the surface, the light from the sun will be much dimmer. Because it takes anywhere from 7 to 8 and a half minutes depending on the Earth’s rotation for light from the sun to hit Earth, people will not know the event has happened until 2:58 a.m. on November 15th.

Some areas of the world may experience brief moments of light for 7 to 8 minutes, but the Earth will then go back to complete darkness until the Sun’s surface temperature has been restored.

Bolden held a conference with the Obama Administration to discuss further details of the “Black Out” event. According to Bolden, “We do not expect any major effects from the Black Out event. The only effect this event will have on Earth is an increase of 6 to 8 degrees in temperature. The polar cap will not be majorly affected by this. No one should worry much. This event would be similar to what Alaskans experience in the winter.”

Bolden further added, “The only other effect it will have is everyone will get to have a true Black Friday after Thanksgiving.

With 15 days of darkness ahead, one can only imagine what will happen on Earth. Despite NASA’s attempt to keep the public calm regarding the black out, with that many days of darkness, something is bound to happen.

  • Cephun

    News Watch 33 is a satirical news site. Add it to your list on sites to ignore. It looks like a local news website, it just doesn’t say where it is. That and always go to the home page, so you can see the other articles listed. I think this is a newer one, since I’ve been seeing their articles pop up the last few weeks.

  • Kong Judas

    You guys! You really don’t check your sources, do you? Sputnik News and now Newswatch 33?! Really?!

  • John Jones

    Yea right…….

  • CrazedLeper

    This is absurd. There probably isn’t enough hydrogen on Jupiter to have much of an effect on THE WHOLE SUN. Gasses from Jupiter would take quite a long time to reach the sun–if it ever got there. I would think solar wind would scatter it but that’s an admittedly uneducated guess. This was implausible but an entertaining read.

  • Tai Spring

    Please… Check your sources before believing whatever BS conspiracies you happen to hear. Just because someone posts it online does not mean it’s worthy of Your News Wire without being scrutinized at least a little. As Jordan Maxwell says: Do your homework.

  • Brian

    totally moron


    This will be a blue b=moon ladies and gentlemen