NASA: We’re No Longer Able To Visit The Moon

NASA admit that astronauts are no longer able to go to the moon

NASA has admitted that they no longer have the technology to send humans to the moon, claiming that it was “destroyed years ago.”

According to NASA astronaut Don Pettit, the American space agency don’t have the resources to rebuild the painfully time-consuming technology it would require to send astronauts back up to the moon.

Speaking at the Space for Innovation conference at London’s Science Museum, Pettit says he hopes that other countries will collaborate and help to make moon landings possible again.

International collaboration I believe is essential for space exploration it provides robustness to the technology of exploration,” he said. “Each country has a different means of approaching the same problem and when one countries technology fails you can rely on the other countries technology to get you through that particular issue.” reports: “A classic example is with space shuttle Colombia burning up in the atmosphere, space station continued because we relied on Russia’s Soyuz rockets. That’s an example where international aspect of the space station adds a robustness. Where one countries technology fails other countries can pick up the slack and keep the process going.”

Unfortunately the cost and politics involved in space travel act as an impediment. “Politics always gets in the way of any high and mighty adventure that also takes the finances of countries – of societies – in order to do,” he said. “Exploring space is expensive. Right now its too expensive for any single country or company to do so you have to work together to make it happen.”

And this is something the ESA is working towards. Speaking conference, director general Jan Woerner said the agency is looking to open up to partnerships beyond the current 22 member states.

“ESA is international organisation,” he said. “We have the possibility to join forces with every state in the world. We have this diverse structure already, we know how to handle outside collaboration. One of the clear understanding to open up to more partnerships, but also to open up to more partnerships in industry.”

One mission Pettit is keen on is the ESA’s proposal for a Moon village – a base on the surface of the Moon where scientists can work, while also potentially serving as a launch pad for future missions. “The lunar base is bound to happen – it’s the next logical step,” he said. “I’d go to the moon in a nanosecond. The problem is we don’t have the technology to do that anymore. We used to but we destroyed that technology and it’s a painful process to build it back again.”

Nasa is currently working on projects to develop a manned mission to Mars. However, the technology required is still some way off. “Going to Mars should be one of the next series of steps humans do. But the first step should be going back to the moon for a number of technological and exploration reasons. Then after that Mars and then maybe high orbit in Venus atmosphere, maybe to Europa.”

For now, however, manned space travel remains within the confines of the ISS – which is certainly no bad thing. Speaking of the experience of being there, he said: “For me sleeping in a weightless environment is wonderful. You wake up in the morning and you feel 20 years old again. You’re ready to charge off on the day.

“It’s wonderful to look at earth from space. I look at it from the eyes of a scientist type where you can see all sorts of geological features. There’s a lot of features on earth that you can’t see if you’re walking on it – you’ve got to step back. It is privileged position. I’ve had the privilege of seeing two total solar eclipses from orbit. I’ve never seen from earth, but from orbit seen two. The amazing thing is you can see the shadow cast from Earth.”

Both on the ISS and back on Earth, Pettit has become known for his photography. He is due to release a book of his images later this year. He believes engagement with space exploration has become far greater as a result of being able to share pictures with the public back on Earth.

“I love photography whether on or off of Earth. Taking pictures in space presents a wonderful environment to do a range of imagery that captures people’s imagination – because it’s something they haven’t seen before.

“Photography plays a central role in sharing the experience of exploration. How much photography do we have from 17th century? Obviously none because it wasn’t invented. But just think what they could have shared in their transoceanic voyages if had photography. It really came into the field of exploration maybe in 1860s and certainly was central to the arctic and Antarctic exploration – sharing what those expeditions were about and the conditions under which people lived. And that is what makes photography central to sharing the experience of space to all the people on the planet.”

And it is imagination that will encourage human space exploration of the future: “The only limit to human future is in our own imaginations,” he said. “And our willingness to do something about it.”


  1. “NASA no longer has the technology to send people to the moon”. It was “destroyed years ago”. NASA never did have the technology. A country and a huge organization like NASA just doesn’t destroy unique and painfully acquired (and mindbogglingly expensive) technology, either intentionally or by “accident”. They are trying to convince everyone that they did send people to the moon by claiming the equivalent of “the dog ate my homework”. NASA and the US are a joke, good at PR only and claiming they are “exceptional”. Yes, exceptional at lying, murder, theft and creating chaos and suffering in the world.

  2. Exactly they are lower than whale shit and they believe people don’t know that….conning us for years like only they are good enough to know the truth on many issues…..disgusting perverts frankly to even think that….their inept attitude really makes me sick….

  3. ….I’m pretty sure they are really not allowed back…by some powers that be because they can’t be trusted outside of their no go zone…why – because they act stupid it’s that simple and no real secret…..

    • I agree. A much more plausible explanation to these anomalies than the conclusion they faked the landings is that in fact they did go and then the aliens who live on the dark side of the moon told them they were not allowed to ever come back or the aliens would kill all humans. And they cant tell us because they want to protect us because we are like Children compared to them our big leaders with all the money and power.

    • Some were. In 1964? Oxygen fire in capsule. One of the astronauts was disgruntled with the charade. The whole crew was taken out.

  4. They mean someone scraped the set on a backlot and nowadays truth-telling is a thing with video on every device and whistleblowing is not dismissed as a sideshow

  5. They never went there in the first place. Cant you see how fake the photo above is? It is so far out of propotion compared to reality.

      • If they were on the moon we would’nt be able to see the roundness of the moon like that, just as we dont see it roundness of the earth the way it is in the photo. The way itlooks in this photo makes the moon look like it’s only as big as someone’s livingroom ie studio. Ijs

  6. Seeing as they’ve finally admitted all it was back in the day was Hollywood type video and still camera fakery, why should it cost so much, hmm?
    I think open bidding for the next “movie” would be the sane way to go. Surely someone else would be cheaper than NASA for movie making.
    Perhaps Lions Gate, they make great movies that are “believable”, and I’m sure they’d make it a good deal cheaper then NASA.

  7. In every other area in the world technology has advanced at lightening speed, yet we have lost the 50 year old technology that supposedly got us to the moon? Yeah right.

  8. I believe the Moon landings happened, and I believe the technology is far from lost. What I believe Petit is trying to do is stump for the New World Order, or his idea of Star Trek’s “Federation of Planets”, Earth-based, of course. In some ways he is right; Americans are not taught the value of science, math, and critical thinking required for another excursion to the planets. We are dumbed down while taught that consuming is all-important, as long as we save the Earth, don’t accept individual growth and wealth, and do everything to appease others around us if they are different while demonizing our own differences. Frankly, I’m surprised we can even tie our own shoes anymore. Still, this article raises my ire and justly so: We are and we have been better than this. Huge steps in technology and civil rights were made in the same era. Collaboration does not mean appeasement but a real goal of unification, unattainable until we realize we must embrace a belief that we were created to seek our Creator’s infinite kingdom; which starts with looking to the second greatest document created, our Constitution, which is derived from the first-greatest document, the Holy Bible. Space and all in it is open to us if first we seek the Kingdom of God. The Lunar Landings were not a lie, for we truly did “..slip the surly bonds of Earth, and touch the face of God.” We can do it again.

    • I agree Tombstone Lizard, I’m saddened by the stupidity of cowards that are jealous of a nation simply because they don’t have the balls to make their slum lords improve their own.

  9. take deep breath. We did not go to the moon, ever. I was 13 years old and watched this “live”. Shitty film footage to say the least. With that said, sit down and write all the things done, scientifically, mechanically, engineering. Since 1969. Shit, we just started to put seat belts in cars. We didn’t even have air bags. Think! No cell phones, lap tops, LED back then, they weren’t even conceptual. It never happened. It was a feel good distraction for a country torn apart by war, race, politics (looks like a lot has changed). We were a people suffering, assignations, riots, democratic national convention. I don’t believe they did this maliciously, I think they were hoping just to bring people together.

  10. The garbage media and crap that is sent out to us “As If” it were news. I don’t think it matters if we did or did not land on the moon. The Government, NASA, and the major mass fake news media, FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS has been lying to us for years. It’s so bad that nothing that is put out by any of these group can be believed. Which is what I believe was their intent all along. I have not watched a news broadcast in 15 years. I choose to research for my own news thank you very much. Local news stations just send out negative worthless trash stories. They are formatted into their opinion instead of what may have happen. Will this matter next week? Probably not for most of us. So onto the next major lie that is coming our way soon courtesy of liars Inc.

  11. Bill Cooper stated we had been to Mars by 1963. He was assassinated after warning about the Twin Towers being False Flagged and blamed on Bin Laden. NASA may never have left orbit but the Navy Secret Space Program has everything you see in Star Trek.

  12. Why no rocket almost 50 years later has the alleged Saturn V capacity. They went to low orbit and stood there, when the filmed sequences passed. Watch “a funny thing happened on the way to the moon” it shows the astronauts faking an earth shot using the ship’s window. Think in the advances of technology, an entire floor of 1969 NASA computers capacity today is in your pocket (your Iphone )

  13. This is the dumbest article i’ve read in awhile. Really? Destroyed? Fucking Amazon/SpaceX(Jeff Bezos), with no tax dollars, created a space ship that can dock with the ISS, in just a few years. It didn’t cost billions of taxpayers dollars. It didn’t even cost Amazon billions of dollars.

  14. Next a meteor shower will wipe out the landing sites. All evidence lost. What a tragedy. Man will claim forever to have been to the moon and will search for the pieces of Apollo missions all over the moon to find where they landed after being blown up by meteor collision. How could NASA have let this happen? I suppose next they are going to tell me that Santa has lost his reindeer.

  15. We did not quit using our Space Shuttle to rocket to the ISS because of the Columbia tragedy. We quit using the Space Shuttle because Obama killed the program, and assigned NASA to Muslim outreach.

  16. MY INTUITION: I thought the Aliens on the dark side of the mood said GO AWAY…. stay AWAY form us…
    I have tin foil hat on today.. smile.

  17. I’d be interested in hearing about that lost 50 year old technology, I mean if we had it at one time there must be a record of that somewhere

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