Mysterious ‘Planet X’ Uncensored By Google Sky For First Time


Some conspiracy theorists have said for years that Google Sky have been censoring a portion of the sky by blacking it out, and hiding from public view the proof that Planet X (or Nibiru) exists. 

Below is the portion of the sky that shows Nibiru if you attempted to access it in the past (notice a large portion of it is completely blacked out):


Now, in a bizarre move, Google Sky have decided to reveal what lies behind the blacked out peice of sky.

As can be seen in the picture below a magnificent winged disk planet has been hidden all this time, and its appearance matches the descriptions of Planet X given by researcher Zecharia Sitchin.


You can see for yourself by going to Google Sky at the following co-ordinates:

5 h 42m 21.0s 22° 36′ 45.7″

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Conspiracy theorists and some astronomers say that Google Sky had been censoring what’s known a as 'Planet X' or N… in Your News Wire's Hangs on LockerDome
  • Nikolay Nikolov

    the blackened area, is still there. the coordinates of the [nibiru] displayed, are north of orion, between gemini and taurus… about there, but not quite… and it was probably there all the time, while we were focused at the black spot 😉

    • Ski

      I too wanted to verify if this story was true, so I manually input the coordinates into Google Sky (5:42:21.00, 22:36:45.7) and also noticed that, while it shows a winged like planet, it was not from the area of the blanked out rectangle that many believe could be hiding Nibiru.
      So this looks like another HOAX…..BUT…. Just out of curiosity I wanted to see what would happen if I switched back to Earth View and click on the same coordinates to see where it would take me and I was amazed by the sheer coincidence of where it landed on the earth.
      Check it out and see what you all think.

      • OAKof LIBERTY

        so for those of us without a degree in astronomy can you just tell us where it led or are you just sensationalizing some B.S. like the flat earthers and the bigfoot tards?

  • Nikolay Nikolov

    the sun and mars [today, 26/06/2015] are about exactly over there as well… weird.

    • Nikolay Nikolov

    • Nikolay Nikolov

      and mercury too… all between gemini and taurus, north of orion….

  • marc

    so basically, is this the ‘set-up’ :
    slowly increase stories of UFO sightings and admit to previous Alien Encounters
    Then reveal a Planet to us… (ie: Niribu).
    and then LINK these aliens with that planet.
    and then ‘use’ this as yet another way to control us into doing whatever they want.

  • Russ Warren

    Seems legit, especially coming from TPV. Lmao

  • Jhollman

    I was unable to make the given coords to work on G.Sky, the search box just said “No object found”, however i went there manually but i didnt found anything like the seen in this pictures.

  • Crossbearershvili

    It depends on size of dwarf, if it is about 300,000 km, moving through 9h48m43s/16*53’52.8”, it is by strait line
    about 300-500 AU away. They say it has half mass of Sun, presuming dwarf density 70gr per cubic centimeter,
    it is roughly 1/4 of Sun’s diameter.
    On another hand, if it is winged image you give, it is about 100 AU away…

  • Crossbearershvili

    Or it is:

  • Crossbearershvili

    Is it this one?

  • Dwight Huth

    I am certain the church wants to reveal things but the alien presence on Earth that doesn’t want humans to colonize the Universe wont allow them. So I will. There are six sequence questions with a keyhole identifier question that will unlock the gate of the Universe to humanity so that we will have a reason to journey to the stars, explore and colonize and seed the Universe with human life. These six questions are “Who Created God?,” “How Was God Created?,” “Why Was God Created?”, “Where was God Created?” “When Was God Created?” and “From What Was God Created From or With?” These questions are meant to make humans look for the answers in the Universe through colonization of planets. The key hole identifier to determine that a sentient species is trying to play the role of God is since God said “Let there Be Light” and science has proven that sound does not travel in a void therefore no one would have heard God say “Let There Be Light” any sentient species proclaiming to have heard this also would be a false god trying to enslave humanity for its own purposes. Sound does not travel in a void, proven by science.

    • henry

      When you say that God said “let there be light” you are assuming that God has lungs or something like that. So that would mean that God would have to be a living organism with a vocal cord pushing air out of His lungs floating out there in space. So your theory about sound travel in space would stand correct. BUT, God is a spirit, With no lungs. And when the bible says that He spoke light into existence, He told us to where we(AS HUMANS) could understand to what and how He did it.The truth is we do not understand how God speaks, in Isaiah 55:8 (“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the LORD. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.) So you see. If the big bang theory was real, you would be in danger of rocks manifesting out of nowhere and falling on your head. Or walking into one. How God spoke it, is this. When God said let there be light(THAT WAS THE BIG BANG) You will never figure Him out.

      • vinay

        come on you believe in spirits that mans theory is perfect anyway i wouldnt disregard even yours beacuse their is lot to discover!! lol

  • anonym0us

    I was looking around near the cordenates on google earth sky mode and i found this black square any thing relevant ?And a couple more weird things most likely they are bugs but im just puting arround.

  • Osama Cbama

    That thing is nothing for us to worry about anytime soon. I’m more worried about the U.S debt.

  • Bill Turkeyburger

    Can people not look at the sky themselves with their own telescopes? Kind of ridiculous to think someone could censor the sky. Oh, conspiracy theorists…

    • Anonymous107

      They’ve already admitted to chemtrails, NASA and other US government organizations. Why is that ridiculous at all if this were true and a world wide catastrophe was imminent?

  • VK

    This is another piece of disinformation. NOTHING WAS REMOVED! The black square was at the coordinates 5h 53m 27s, -6 10’58 (Go to Google Earth, switch to “Sky”, enter these coordinates in the search box) and you will see that the black square is still there, just where it always was. If you look at the coordinates provided in this post for Nibiru, you will see that they are the totally different coordinates. Shame on the con artist that posted the original article.

  • Cosmo Ruckaz

    pretty kewl. It makes me excited and wary at the same time.