Model Kidnapped In Milan To Be Sold On Internet

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A 20-year-old British model traveling to Milan in Italy for a photo shoot has been left traumatized after reportedly being drugged, kidnapped and stuffed into a suitcase by human traffickers.

Her captors were demanding a $300,000 ransom from her agent to prevent her being auctioned online to the highest bidder, according to Italian police.model

The Daily Caller reports:

The kidnappers lured the 20-year-old model to Milan under the guise of a “photo shoot” July 10 but instead drugged her with ketamine and stuffed her into a suitcase.model

They then brought the woman to Borgial, a small town north of Turin, where she was handcuffed to furniture. Her kidnappers demanded that her agent pay a $300,000 ransom to prevent the online auction from taking place.model

The group of men let the model go after six days when they found out that she was a mother. The group’s rules “exclude mothers,” according to one of the kidnappers.model

One of the suspects is Lukasz Pawel Herba, a 30-year-old polish citizen who lives in England. Herba is currently in custody and claimed to be part of the “Black Death Group,” a human trafficking organization.

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