Mini Mike: Having a Gun in Your Home Puts YOU at Risk

Fact checked
Michael Bloomberg claims having a gun in your own home puts you in greater danger

Billionaire Democrat presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg has warned that Americans are at higher risk of death or injury by having a gun in their own home.

Bloomberg made the remarks during Wednesday night’s CNN town hall debate.

“You don’t want to have guns. If you have a gun in your house you’re something like 22 times as likely to get killed with a gun,” Bloomberg said.

“There’s domestic violence, there’s children playing, there’s accidents,” he added. reports: Bloomberg did not provide any substantiation of his claim that owning a gun makes someone “22 times as likely to get killed with a gun.” Nor did he mention the mention Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health study that found no “clear association between firearm restrictions for domestic abusers and reduced fatal mass shootings,” a point which is pertinent in light of Bloomberg’s association of gun ownership and domestic abuse.

Although Bloomberg suggests Americans ought not have guns in their homes, Breitbart News reported that he lives his life surrounded 24/7 by armed guards, thereby depending on good guys with guns to keep him safe.