Millions of People Are Talking About ‘Chemtrails’ Following Ohio Train Derailment

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Millions of users worldwide are talking about chemtrails following Ohio chemical attack

Millions of concerned citizens around the world posted pictures and videos on Twitter Friday exposing the chemtrail program destroying Earth’s environment.

It seems people around the globe are waking up to the geoengineering project following the Ohio train derailment disaster earlier in the week. reports: Every image and video below was posted to Twitter on Friday morning:

Los Angeles, California

Sacramento, California

Southern Oregon

Austin, Texas – Last month, a group in Texas launched a petition asking for the chemtrail program to be prohibited in the state.

San Antonio, Texas

West Texas


Istanbul, Turkey

Ankara, Turkey


Selangor, Malaysia

Dublin, Ireland


Unknown location

More people are beginning to wake up to the hazardous materials being spread across our skies as the government of Mexico banned solar geoengineering just last month.

Infowars and Alex Jones have been warning of the negative impact geoengineering can have on the climate, plants, animals and humans for decades now.

In 2021, we covered a UN climate panel report where the group considered spraying “sulfate aerosols” above the Earth’s surface to reduce global temperatures.

Last year, we wrote about a pair of men named James Marvin Herndon and Mark Whiteside who published a paper in the “Advances In Social Sciences Research Journal” accusing the United Nations of engaging in a conspiracy to destroy the Earth’s environment.

In November 2022, the Biden regime even announced a 5-year plan to research “climate intervention,” specifically using geoengineering practices to combat climate change!

For a small sample of chemtrail information the mainstream media and globalist governments don’t want you to see, check out the following videos:

In 2007, Dr. Rosalind Peterson addressed the UN about the dangerous chemicals being released into Earth’s atmosphere.

Also, see Dr. Peterson’s geoengineering documentary!

Former CIA Director John Brennan once told the Council on Foreign Relations the program is “a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun’s heat in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do.”


  1. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. When we live up to who “us” is.
    Evil flees or has to try and FAKE being good again. I don’t think the population is going back into the deep sleep that got us here at this stitch in time.

  2. Chemtrails more and more prevalent in the skies these days in Canada along the US border. A small city can see as many as 6 trails a day.
    Majority routes are west to east.

  3. The scientists serving the military industrialists wrecked the atmosphere by detonating nuclear and atomic weapons in it in the early 1960s. They meant to do it no doubt because they couldn’t be that stupid as to think they would just do it for fun. Could they? Go figure.
    They do have to try to fix the damage they CREATED but can’t get caught as the guilty parties. They have to make up stories to cover their guilt.
    And kerp the people distracted with shows All sorts of shows Derailment bridges collapsing due to faulty design s, fires, floods earthquakes and the other events designed to legitimise their cover up stories of climate change. All theatre of operations. Magical circular tautologies their s favourite things. They know people are stupid as Born that way most if them It’s their inheritance.

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