Millions Of Bernie Supporters To Storm DNC Over Election Fraud

A million Bernie Sanders supporters plan to storm democratic convention in protest to election fraud

Millions of Bernie Sanders supporters are going to storm the upcoming Democratic convention in protest to the recent election fraud scandal. 

The millions of disenfranchised voters are planning on showing their solidarity for Bernie by descending on Philadelphia in an attempt to persuade superdelegates to switch their votes from Clinton to Sanders. reports:

Trained in nonviolent protests, they plan an Occupy-style protest for the length of the convention. Organizers predict Millions will attend. Many media outlets are predicting a smaller number in the tens of thousands. This figure, reported on Facebook, accounts for just one of dozens of groups participating.

Bernie Sanders supporters have become more galvanized against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party after the Guccifer 2.0 hack revealed the DNC’s May 2015 plan to elect “HRC” with no mention of other democratic candidates.

Hillary Clinton will not be able to unify the party, according to most Sanders fans. A recent poll of over 21,000 Bernie Sanders supporters shows that just seven percent of them would ever vote for Hillary. It was previously predicted that only 25 percent of Bernie Supporters would refuse to vote for Clinton. Now, nearly all Sanders supporters are angry with Hillary and the DNC. This comment in The Ralph Retort, explains what is brewing.

“The reality is that unity of Democratic party is in extreme peril. Leaked documents from the hack stand as proof that the DNC had been planning on Hillary Clinton to be the party’s nominee since long before a single vote was even cast. The Bernie or bust camp was already growing, especially after massive scandals like the ‘secret win’ controversy— but now gasoline has been dumped on the fire, and the buster movement is growing ever stronger by the minute.”

Bernie Sanders supporters are calling out the Democratic party for voter fraud and voter suppression. After some very questionable occurrences during the 2016 democratic primaries, more fuel was thrown on the fire by Guccifer 2.0. Laurie Cestnick, one of the many organizers of the march, who explained that Sanders supporters stand against Clinton, on the Occupy DNC Convention Facebook page.

“So, we are contesting Hillary’s nomination on the grounds of fraud, voter suppression, and corruption. We show them who we want. If they nominate her anyway, we show them they did not ‘win’ for we will not be voting for her in November.”

Hillary Clinton is now seen as an elitist by the Bernie camp, not a true blue democrat as her supporters suppose. Another quote from the Occupy DNC Convention Facebook page explains as follows.

“This broken two-party system and the elite class who run it do not represent us or our interests, and it is our natural right as American citizens to stand up to this elite political class and take back our democracy.”

Bernie Sanders supporters are taking this election fraud very seriously. If Bernie isn’t the nominee, his followers are threatening a mass exodus from the Democratic party to the green party. In addition, there is a petition on Change.Org requesting the U.N. to supervise our elections, just as is often requested in war-torn and third world countries.

“The U.S. State Dept. says that a discrepancy in exit polls of more than 2 percent indicates fraud, we have had discrepancies outside of that margin in at least 16 of the state primaries all the way up to a discrepancy of 23 percent. These discrepancies have only happened in one of our political parties and they have all been in favor of one candidate.”

Hillary Clinton is, of course, the candidate referenced. All of the mistakes, computer glitches, purged voters, and dependencies have been in Hillary’s favor. The conclusion of Bernie Sanders supporters is that the nomination was stolen and fixed in so many ways that Bernie never stood a chance, but his loyal supporters intend to give him a chance, by whatever means possible. The Change.Org petition continues, describing the alleged election fraud.

“There has been reports of registration purging, switching of party affiliations, vote flipping, and massive voter suppression. Not to mention the millions of voters who have not been allowed to vote because they do not claim any party affiliation. Multiple major universities have calculated that in order to get our current results without election fraud, the odds would be 1 in 70 billion.”

Hillary Clinton was favored strongly in all the different methods of the alleged election fraud. Media manipulation also played a large role in promoting Hillary according to the DNC’s own documents uncovered by Guccifer 2.0.

Bernie Sanders’ young, nonviolent army are planning a unique sort of coup at the Democratic National Convention. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are full of their angry voices. Bernie is ready to fight in the convention, and his followers stand ready outside. It is estimated that up to ten million of them could show up for this nonviolent revolution. Can the DNC be shamed or intimidated into making Sanders the Democratic Nominee and replacing Hillary?

Hillary Clinton and DNC officials will face millions of angry Bernie Sanders supporters this July in Philadelphia in a nonviolent, Occupy revolution.

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    Will be there representing nurses, who have a vested interesting in seeing our patients BEFORE they run out of medication and haven’t seen a doctor in months because they can’t afford it, thus becoming critical.

    • Elyse Stewart-Sass

      I love the Nurses!! Thank you!

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  • Christopher DaCorte

    make sure you all bring protection for your eyes (Like industrial safety glasses) and faces ((you can buy dust masks or bandannas at wal mart))for the inevitable “accidental” discharge of pepper spray, a few sheets of cardboard over your torso and back will protect from the sting of the nonlethal rounds they might fire too. HEAVY CREAM WILL WASH PEPPER SPRAY OFF YOUR FACE IF YOU GET SPRAYED but any high fat milk product will do. If you get pepper sprayed, DO NOT REFLEXIVLY WIPE IT OFF, that makes it worse, carefully dab it to avoid smearing it around. if you are detained, don’t physically resist, let them trample your civil liberties, i guarantee you someone will get it on some form of media. let them break the laws, don;t assist them by breaking them.

    I am not suggesting you go wild, riot and fight the man, I am just telling you to take protective precautions for yourselves.

  • SeaSix

    The Clintons have more ‘Power’ than they do ‘Love’. As Mr. Hendrix put it..
    “When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the World will know Peace”
    #MOVEItHillary #WeDontBUYit! #HRCHadHerTurn! #EndOligarchy

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    they can take their rules and stuff it. We will NOT allow shillary to be president. We will not TOLERATE shillary. We are legion, we are coming, and we are willing to do what must be done.

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    Millions, huh? Just like the bikers and the truckers who were going to turn out millions in D.C. to protest Obama?

  • jdubhub68

    If Bernie couldn’t get millions of supporters to storm the ballot box just down the street from where they live, why would anyone believe that millions of supporters are going to fly to Philadelphia on their own dime to “storm” the convention? It’s not election fraud when the other candidate gets more votes than your candidate, regardless if the empty claims are coming from a teabagger site or a Berniefan site.

    • Jarath Hemphill

      I’m guessing you haven’t done any investigation into the types of fraud that kept millions from voting in this primary, and you know the saying if you aren’t willing to be outraged because of election fraud just because your candidate “won” then perhaps you don’t deserve a true democracy.

  • Ann Cortellacci-Kulczycki

    We knew that the paid Hillary trolls were the ones acting like Bernie Supporters at the Donald Trump Rallies…if they were Bernie supporters we would have known that. What a farce this whole primary election cycle has been. That’s why I don’t trust the because they said that they printed signs for Bernie Sanders supporters when they printed them for paid trolls.