Millennials Caught Licking Toilets in Idiotic ‘Coronavirus Challenge’

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Millennials caught licking toilet seats and airplane seats in idiotic coronavirus challenge

Licking ice cream in supermarkets is SO last year.

The kids went from illegally licking ice cream in supermarket fridges to licking public toilet seats in a new, idiotic ‘Coronavirus challenge.’

In a dangerous new trend, young social media influencers are encouraging fans to lick filthy and highly contagious public toilet seats in the hope that it gives them the deadly disease.

21-year-old Ava Louise from New Jersey started off the craze by licking a toilet seat on an airplane and posting the footage on Tik Tok.

She boasted that Coronavirus is for “poor people” and she hopes that licking the seat will kill her so she doesn’t get old and ugly.

She also said she wanted to “troll the media” and hoped the virus would knock out the Boomers.

WATCH: reports: Another young man participated in the “Coronavirus challenge” and posted a video of himself licking an airplane toilet seat.


Another young lady posted a video of herself licking a toilet seat on an airplane bragging she’s “gross like that.”