Michael Jackson’s Final Notes Released – Illuminati Plot Exposed

Michael Jackson Scared

Michael Jackson’s final weeks were spent living in fear the music industry Illuminati were going to kill him, according to notes handwritten by the King of Pop.

The intimate notes are among a collection of letters inherited by German businessman Michael Jacobshagen, who was a close friend of Jackson’s for over twenty years.

They are trying to murder me,” Michael Jackson wrote in a note just one week before his untimely death. In another note, Jackson explained “the system wants to kill me for my catalogue.”


In an upcoming interview with broadcaster Daphne Barak, Michael Jacobshagen will tell how Michael Jackson called him from Las Vegas in 2009 and tearfully asked his friend to join him.


After flying to the United States, Jacobshagen was given the collection of notes. It is unclear who they were originally intended for, but the content of the notes is clear, and they point the finger of blame for Michael Jackson’s death squarely at the music industry Illuminati.


Michael Jackson knew they were out to get him and his days were numbered. His cries for help were ignored. He could only pass messages to friends in the hope that one day the truth would be made known.

While the official cause of Michael Jackson’s death was an overdose of the sedative propofol, and his doctor Conrad Murray was sent to jail for involuntary manslaughter, Jackson’s family claim the superstar was silenced and murdered by the elite.

Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter, is the latest insider to come forward with information regarding foul play.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, the 18-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson claimed her father knew that a group “more powerful than the government” was planning to kill him – and that he was eventually murdered in a “setup”.

He would drop hints about people being out to get him. And at some point he was like, ‘They’re gonna kill me one day’,” Paris said.


Paris is pointing the finger at the Illuminati, popularly believed to be controlling the music industry and much of Hollywood.

It’s obvious. All arrows point to that. It sounds like a total conspiracy theory and it sounds like bulls***, but all real fans and everybody in the family knows it. It was a setup. It was bulls***.

Paris was 11 when her father died from cardiac arrest in 2009 caused by a lethal combination of prescription drugs.

Paris blames Dr. Conrad Murray for her father’s death but claims he was a pawn used by the sinister organization behind the plot on her father’s life – and she says she has proof.

I definitely do, but it’s a chess game. And I am trying to play the chess game the right way.

And that’s all I can say about that right now,” she said.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • Amy Weatherford

    Check out Paris Jacksons Illuminati hand gesture on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. She talks about them killing her father Michael Jackson.

    • AssasinateSoros

      I agree that is a bit odd, but many people use hand gestures all the time when they are speaking. Donald Trump come to mind, and no I dont think he’s a New World Order puppet.. I do it sometimes when I’m teaching, not realizing it.

      Michael Jackson was definitely set up to be axed, no doubt in my mind. 80%+ of Hollywood we are continuing to see are a part of these Satanic organizations. It’s just that Michael Jackson said too much about topics they wanted kept obscure years before he was killed.

      His immense influence, combined with the millions (if not upwards of a billion dollars) insurance money for his life was their reasoning to murder him.

      • negutron

        it’s called the OK symbol OK? it’s not a satanic symbol. going to a rock concert and making sign of the devil makes you a sheep not illuminati. All this paying attention to hand symbols and stuff is silly guys. I’m not saying illuminati isn’t real or any of that, I’m saying they put this narrative out there to make you sound foolish. Do your own research about people and their affliaitions with each other, where they spend their money, their investments, their words themselves, and that will tell you much more than any hand stuff. They are all told by photographers to cover up their eye and they comply—that doesn’t automatically make an actor, celebritard, singer, sports person a card-carrying member of the illuminati, nor does it make the 14 yr old teen girl or cash me outsai meow girl or 24 yrs old college student an illuminati person but someone who has unknowingly appropriated very sinister symbols, and when they do that it only gives those whose brand that symbol represents more power, but people think it’s funny because they don’t know how energy and thought concentration or power works, and they don’t know how they give up their own power by appropriating symbols of dominators, corporate magicians, etc; or how much damage it does to them and their communities spiritually.

    • Michele Post

      Along with the lightning bolt necklace which is also a symbol. Maybe she is (as she says) is playing the game to get one step closer to exposing these demons. But she had better be very, very careful. She is playing with fire that will be the death of her too.

  • palcau ioan

    MJ was killed,no doubt,the system can take u high on the sky,but it also can kill u in an instance,no matter how big u are,u cant fight the system,coz of too many cowers,all bigtime busterds!

  • palcau ioan

    one more thing here,i bet the illuminati(PUKE) will have a ,,good care,,of Paris,she wont live much…this satanic organization will burn in hell one day,together with their master,Lucifer aka Satan! Enjoy,poor world! Our Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ,is comin soon!!

  • Miles52431

    Michael Jackson was not killed, he is a secret transgender, wake up, Michael Jackson was never murdered!

  • Flick Yoli

    Illuminati = Jewish Mafia = Judaism = Jews

    • Nanette McCoy

      ZIONIST JEWS!!!!!
      watch the vid on youtube EVERYTHING IS A RICH TRICK.