Meteor Narrowly Misses New York, Causes Mini Tsunami

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Meteor narrowly misses hitting New York, causing mini tsunami nearby

New York narrowly missed being struck by a meteor on Saturday night, which subsequently caused a small 90 foot tsunami to occur. 

Due to the fact that the tsunami occurred in very deep water – nobody noticed. Some experts have criticised the government for seemingly not knowing that the meteor was at risk of striking a populated city – which could have had devastating consequences. reports:

A 2.6 meter DART II discus buoy operated by the National Data Buoy Center was triggered into “event mode” after receiving a sharp data spike then a rippling effect from abrupt tsunami waves as large as 90 feet tall, with a 180 variance from peak to valley Sunday.


The event took place 130 nautical miles SE of New York’s Fire Island.


The water depth in the region is 8690 feet deep.