Media Barley Noticed The Global March Against Monsanto!

Fact checked

Saturdays ‘March Against Monsanto’ exploded across the world as protesters took to the streets in 38 countries and 428 cities against the world’s most evil corporation: Monsanto. Main stream media did not seem to notice.

Protesters from New York, London, Berlin, Paris and even across South America, Asia and India rallied against the toxic agricultural practices of Monsanto, a corporation whose business model depends on poisoning the citizens of the planet, destroying the agricultural ecosystem, monopolizing the seed supply and hiring online character assassins to attack anyone who opposes its agenda.

Protesters worldwide took to the streets today to demand GMO labeling and bans on Roundup (glyphosate), the toxic herbicide chemical that even the World Health Organization recently linked to cancer. “We need to stop feeding humanity such a vile toxin,” said one protester.

Saturday marked the third global annual March Against Monsanto (MAM)

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