Hypocrite McCain Caught Posing With Al Qaeda And ISIS

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John McCain caught posing with Al Qaeda and ISI operatives

Senator John McCain, a vocal and vicious outspoken critic of Donald Trump, has been caught posing with Al Qaeda and ISIS operatives in an embarrassing set of pictures posted online. 

Senator McCain called President Trump’s recent raid in Yemen a failure, continuing his tradition of criticizing Trump’s foreign policy, despite the fact that McCain himself has an extremely shady history when it comes to foreign policy issues.

Theduran.com reports:

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Senator McCain warned President Trump not to lift sanctions against Russia, and has teamed up with five other senators from both parties on a bill that would require congressional oversight before President Trump should he try to lift the sanctions against Russia.

In an interview last week, Bill O’Reilly pressed President Trump to call Russian President Putin “a killer”. Trump did not take O’Reilly’s bait, and promptly responded…

“There are a lot of killers. We’ve got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country is so innocent?”

McCain said he “strongly disagrees” with President Trump on Putin, saying…

“What we need to do is understand Vladimir Putin for what he is – a murderer and a thug.” 

McCain calls Russian President Putin a “thug” and “murderer” every chance he gets, but the photos below of Senator McCain with ISIS and Al Qaeda “elements” reveal the real “thug” and “murderer.”

A picture is a worth a thousand words, as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe famously noted…

Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are.

1. Senator McCain meeting with a few ISIS and Al Qaeda associates…

mccain-with-isis McCain-ISIS-pals-1 McCain-and-ISIS-team

2. Senator McCain sharing a “Kodak moment” with ISIS leader Al Baghdadi…

mccain-isis2 McCain-ISIS Al-Baghdadi-in-meeting-with-McCain

3. Senator John McCain is joined by Senator Lindsey Graham, for this photo-op with a Bin Laden associate…

mccain-graham-isis McCain-Bin-Laden