McCain And Clinton Forced To Wear Ankle Monitors For Upcoming Criminal Trial

John McCain and Hillary Clinton are faking leg injuries in order to hide ankle monitors they have been forced to wear as criminal defendants.

What do John McCain and Hillary Clinton have in common, besides both being globalist traitors to the United States? The answer, according to an FBI source, is they are both criminal defendants in upcoming trials and they have been forced to wear ankle monitors.

Both John McCain and Hillary Clinton have faked injuries in recent weeks to provide cover for the ankle bracelets – Clinton faking a broken toe, and McCain feigning an Achilles tendon tear – but McCain has been less than vigilant in keeping up the pretense of serious injury.

On top of reports from Capitol Hill that “McCain has been walking around with a limp at times, and without a limp at other times,” the Arizona Senator has also been photographed with the boot on different feet on different days.

As anyone who has suffered an Achilles tendon tear will tell you, no matter how old and senile you are, there is no chance of accidentally putting the boot on the wrong foot one morning and going about your business as though nothing was wrong.

And as anyone who has had an ankle monitor fitted by law enforcement will tell you, sometimes they put it on the right leg and sometimes, when you check in with the authorities, they put it back on the left leg. You have no say in the matter.

Follow the white rabbit

In the photo below, taken two weeks ago, John McCain can be seen wearing the walking boot on his right leg…

Fast forward two weeks and McCain’s walking boot has swapped legs!

On Wednesday, McCain tweet a photo of himself with his wife Cindy, saying “Mother, father & puppy of the bride in beautiful Cornville #Arizona yesterday!”

And before anybody says “one of the images must have been reversed” – you can clearly see that they haven’t been reversed by paying attention to McCain’s big eye and the little squinty eye. His little squinty eye is on his right in both photos, while the walking boot mysteriously swaps feet from left to right.

The location of standard mens jacket buttons and crotch zipper direction are also the same in both photographs. Men’s suit coats have the buttons on the right side. Men’s shirts have the buttons on the left side. It is undeniable – John McCain is faking his injury.

John McCain is now claiming that he swapped the boot “to give the leg a rest.” Again, as anybody who has suffered an Achilles tendon tear will tell you, you don’t swap legs for any reason. You simply cannot walk.

Unfortunately for John McCain, he has never been a good liar and yet again we have seen through his deceit. With reports that McCain and Clinton are singing like birds behind the scenes, implicating multiple conspirators and high-level cronies in order to save their own skin and prevent public disclosure regarding their indictments, let’s hope the authorities do not fall for their spin.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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