Marine Who Criticized Biden’s Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal Thrown into Jail

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Marine who spoke out against Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal thrown into jail

The brave Marine who spoke out against President Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawl has been thrown in jail pending a trial.

Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller spoke out against Biden’s deadly withdrawal last month, demanding accountability among military leadership. His plea went viral, much to the anger of senior Biden military officials.

In retaliation for speaking out against the Biden regime, Scheller has now been thrown in the brig, being held in pre-trial detention.

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“All our son did is ask the questions that everybody was asking themselves, but they were too scared to speak out loud,” said Stu Scheller Sr. “He was asking for accountability. In fact, I think he even asked for an apology that we made mistakes, but they couldn’t do that, which is mind-blowing.”

He said that his son is expected to appear before a military hearing on Thursday.

“They had a gag order on him and asked him not to speak,” the senior Scheller said. “He did, and they incarcerated him. They don’t know what to do with him.”

After this story was first published, the Marine Corps issued a statement confirming that Scheller has been sent to the brig. reports: My reaction to this is complicated. Obviously, you need to have a chain of command and guardrails in place when it comes to those in the military. Discipline and cohesion are key to combat effectiveness. You can’t have political arguments breaking out, no matter how detestable and unqualified the president or military leadership may be.

On the other hand, sometimes doing what’s right requires a brave person to decide that they are willing to accept the consequences, and Scheller was unquestionably right in what he said. The behavior of US military leaders, including but not limited to the decisions made regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal, has been political and disastrous. That seven children can be droned in order to try to stroke Joe Biden’s ego and not a single person is even disciplined is disgusting. That 13 Americans being killed because the Pentagon outsourced security to the Taliban didn’t lead to single resignation is disgraceful.

I don’t know what lies ahead for Scheller, but I do know that he spoke for a lot of people, in the military and the civilian population, when he pointed out how corrupt the Pentagon and the upper echelons of the military have become. That he’s being now being railroaded is only going to cause further distrust among the rank and file. Further, it’s perfectly illustrating Scheller’s original point. All of this could have been avoided with some basic accountability following the deaths of 13 Americans, but the current president is a coward surrounded by cowards.


  1. the withdrawal went exactly as planned by the higher ups. exactly down to the transfer of all the military equipment to ISIS in Afghanistan.

      • It’s not Stalin It’s Robespierre. It began then. Stalin s part was later in the chain of events. The only way to push back is by returning to unions and empowering them and by getting citizens who support the ideology of genuine democracy into the legal military and police teaching services. But to organise that requires cohesion and a suspended rule of law when it really opposes democracy, except by deceitful disguise, and is actually Monarchist.

        • And that would take 50 years to create change. Meanwhile something like only 15%of Americans went into the war of independence and succeeded It might have been less, but it was a small number. But a civil war is a terrible thing when 95 %of people don’t even know who the enemy is. They really don’t They believe you tube and Google who are very deceitful and intentionally deviously protective of the guilty.

  2. It’s brave to speak truth to power, but maybe not so wise in these times. We may be past the point where further talk will have any positive effect.

      • Welcome to the new Pharaoh actually Look about your community for the pyramid awaiting the capstone to signal mission accomplished. And it’s not America Its the whole world that is being incorporated under one Monarch.

        • It’s really annoying how sheep like national leaders are. I first noticed it about 20yearscago when I saw Put in and Merkel and that Ukrainian girl who got locked up later, coming out of a meeting and the look of real sheer terror in their eyes as they faced the tall young men in suits who were their”advisors “waiting to direct them into their next scene.

          • And it was Putin with his background knowledge of how things work that was the most terrified The Ukrainian the least. I’m sure Putins very happy with how his compliance has rewarded him. Merkel too had a long run and will have been well rewarded for her duty and service to the Absolute Monarch and rule of law.

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