London Tube’s Most Handsome Men Go Viral In China

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China's first driverless train
China's first driverless train

Good looking male tube travelers in London are an online sensation in China.

Photo: China’s First Driver-less Subway Train

Passengers on the Underground should be aware that fellow passengers could be taking snapshots of them- especially if they are of the handsome type- and Uploading it to a website, which is then attracting 100’s of thousands of hits from susceptible Chinese women. was set up in 2011 to allow users to ‘pay homage’ to their fellow commuters by posting images of fellow passengers they find attractive to the website. The images have gone viral in the Far East due to their popularity on Weibo- the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.


Date: 3rd March 2015—-Line: Northern—-Submitted by: Jinxy11

With his hair in a wave and his earphones at rest this handsome man is glancing about the carriage to pass the time. We think he is rockin’ the denim look!! – Handsome man on the left pictured. reports:

It has amassed around 8,000 Twitter followers and boasts more than 9,000 fans on Facebook. But that pales into insignificance compared to China – where a single image of one of London’s more dapper commuters can attract around 100,000 likes and shares.

Responses to the images are said to be overwhelmingly positive. Typical Weibo comments include “I want to take Tubes everyday!” and “Handsome people really look good in anything”.

Stephen Motion, the site’s co-founder, told the BBC: “The third biggest source of traffic to our
website is actually from China.

“The website isn’t blocked in China. It’s fully available in all of the cities. We see most
traffic coming from Guangzhou and Shanghai.”

Ruhua Xianyu, of the BBC’s Chinese Service, revealed the appeal lies in the perceived quality of
British men.

She said: “When Chinese people think about British men, we think they’re true gentlemen, because
of their good manners and politeness.