Let’s Go Brandon! Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses Ahead of Biden Visit

Fact checked
Pittsburgh bridge collapses ahead of Biden visit to talk about infrastructure

Well this is embarrassing! On Friday a Pittsburgh bridge collapsed just hours before President Biden was due to visit the city to boast about his infrastructure legislation.

Ten people were injured and rushed to hospital after a bridge collapsed in a neighborhood just east of downtown Pittsburgh, according to local reports.

According to AP, rescuers “formed a human chain to help rescue multiple people from a dangling bus” while others rappelled “nearly 150 feet.”

Breitbart.com reports: The White House claimed, per Punchbowl News, that Friday’s visit to Pittsburgh was to champion Biden’s massive infrastructure bill that was signed into law in March:

The president will talk about how his Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is already strengthening in our supply chains and critical infrastructure – our roads, bridges, ports, airports, and more – giving us an edge in producing more in America and exporting it to the world.

After the collapse of the bridge, White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted the White House was aware of the bridge’s collapse and noted they are communicating with local officials.Psaki told reporters on Thursday Biden would visit Pittsburgh to talk about “continued” infrastructure plans.

“While he’s visiting Pittsburgh, he’s going to talk about our continued plans to out-innovate, out-build, and outcompete the world with the sort of competitiveness legislation that he has long championed,” she said.