Labour Claim Election Fraud In Local UK Elections

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Labour claim election fraud during local elections

A Labour councillor thwarted attempts of potential election fraud during local elections in Oxfordshire recently.

Duncan Enright says he had initially lost his seat due to the fact that a bundle of votes were hidden under a pile for his Conservative rival.

The Witney candidate luckily rectified the situation upon discovering the pile of ‘misplaced’ votes and won his seat.

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He posted: “Lost by 70 votes or so. Thanks for the opportunity to serve. The fight goes on.” He soon after followed up by announcing: “Miscount in Witney East, result now in, I win by 70! Thank you! Bunde of my votes under a Tory pile! Delighted! Thanks Witney!”

Mr Enright stood against David Cameron in last year’s general election as the Labour party’s candidate. He lost with 10,046 votes to the Prime Minister’s 35,201 votes.

Vote counting is continuing to take place around the country following yesterday’s elections for councils and devolved institutions. Counting for the Northern Irish election and London Mayoral race is due to begin shortly.

Ukip has seen a rise in support, gaining seats in Thurrock, Tamworth and Bolton and is expected to win its first seat in the Welsh Assembly. In Scotland, the SNP appears to be performing well, while Labour has sustained a number of losses and a bounceback in support for the Liberal Democrats has occurred.