Kurdish Snipers Kill 13 ISIS Militants In One Day

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Kurdish sniper kills 13 ISIS terrorists

Kurdish fighters from the People’s Protection Units (YPG) have killed at least 13 ISIS terrorists in the space of 24 hours, a spokesman for the YPG has confirmed. 

Sniping operations in the ISIS-held Jarablus city continued until Tuesday midnight. At least 13 ISIS terrorists were killed today at the hands of our snipers,” officer Nuraddin Gaban told Kurdish News Agency.

Abna24.com reports:

Snipers from the YPG, supported by fellow fighters from the Kurdish Women’s Protection Units (YPG), took position at the top of a hill in the eastern suburb of Jarablus city in northern Aleppo.

The Kurdish officer pointed out that the operation was focused on the Tahtani district of Jarablus, “where an ISIS command center is located”.

The Kurdish fighters have recently captured several hills in the vicinity of Jarablus subsequent to clashes with ISIS.

Jarablus city is deemed a main bastion for ISIS militants in northern Syria. It has served as a transit point for ISIS foreign militants over more than two years for its strategic location on the Turkish border.