Kremlin Say World War 3 Will Begin Before U.S. Elections

Kremlin warn that World War 3 will begin before U.S. elections

A Kremlin insider has urged people to start stockpiling food over fears that the US will start World War 3 before the U.S. elections this November. 

These are the most serious tensions between Moscow and Washington in decades,” said Sergei Markov, a member of the Civic Chamber, a Moscow-based state institution. “The war might begin even before the November elections in the U.S.” reports:

“I personally plan to stock 200 cans of pork to be ready for a potential war crisis,” Markov added, “and I advise everybody to do the same.”

Markov’s warning should probably be treated seriously given that he is known to have “close ties to (the) Kremlin”.

As we previously reported, Russian citizens have been stockpiling food and essential supplies for months as paranoia about a major conflict escalates.

Tensions have risen yet further in recent days after it was revealed that the Obama White House was considering a major cyber attack against Russia in retaliation for Moscow’s alleged “interference in the American presidential election”.

While Americans are kept distracted by the media’s obsession with Donald Trump’s alleged mistreatment of women, Russians have very different priorities.

State-owned television stations are urging citizens to find out where their nearest nuclear bomb shelter is located, while managers of the Zenit Arena, a huge half-built stadium in St. Petersburg, recently received an official letter from the Ministry of Emergency Situations demanding that they create underground facilities that will be used to protect citizens from nuclear fallout.

As we reported earlier this month, 40 million Russians from all levels of government recently took part in a civil defense “emergency evacuation” drill that was a test run of how the population would respond to a “disaster occurrence” under an “emergency” situation.

  • Katos

    It shows you which country really cares for its citizen’s? Russia has nuclear bunkers for all their population. Exile our elites have bunkers for themselves

  • Black Swan

    Give Peace a chance!

  • Humanrace

    Its sad really. No one wins in a nuclear war. Both USA and Russia are like to bully fighting who is the strongest. No one will win. By saying you will start a war is really just threating human life on this planet. And by doing this both countries have just sentence every one to die by saying we will start a war is actually threaten everyone and that they dont care about anyone. Building happens after the dust are they just going to get and walk nope. It will take 1000 year to even step foot outside.
    what right do they have over who live and who dies.
    Both nations need to think about this logically.
    I know the war in syria is dreadfull but come on is it worth killing off the human race.
    To both countries just stop this madness. You cant win….

    • Mira

      totally agree, bunkers are a short term solution, so even if people do manage to get to a bunker, they will likely starve as there will not be enough food and water for everyone. People will not be able to emerge post nuclear bombing, because like you say it will take thousands of years…. Stock piling food is good but again not for a long term stay in a bunker. It just doesn’t bear thinking about tbh. I mean 200 cans of pork? Would that be enough? If one of those countries pushes the button it will be the end as we know it.