Judge Jeanine: Get Back In The Woods Hillary, You Sore Loser!

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Judge Jeanine tells Hillary Clinton to go back into the woods

Outspoken Judge Jeanine has blasted Hillary Clinton, calling her a sore loser and demanding that she goes back to the woods where she belongs.

Jeanine Pirro poured scorn on Hillary’s return to politics – warning her that an attempt to return to public life will be met with resistance from the public who, by now, have seen through her victimhood charade.

Pirro didn’t hold back during her opening statement on Fox News over the weekend, claiming that Hillary is a two-time loser who lies every time she opens her mouth.

In an epic rant, Pirro slammed Hillary for the multitude of failures at the State Department under her watch, and blasted the Clinton Foundation for its corruption.

“Hillary, snap out of it,” Pirro said.

“I’m tired of going through this with you.

You’re a two-time loser who lost because you were a lousy candidate, you didn’t have a message, you lied every time you opened your mouth;

you didn’t know what states to campaign in, you put our national security at risk with your amateur email setup, you were in a foundation that was nothing more than an organized criminal enterprise parading as a charity, four men died under your watch as you lied about a video, and there [were] a billion dollars missing from the State Department when you left.

And I could go on and on, but I just don’t have the time.

So, stop with the poor me nonsense.

We’ve had it with you Clintons always claiming victimhood.

The two of you haven’t followed the rules since the day you both showed up in your bell bottoms in Arkansas.”