John Podesta Pleads For Immunity Before Testifying Against Clinton

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John Podesta has pleaded with the DoJ for immunity before testifying against Hillary Clinton over the incriminating contents of leaked emails.

John Podesta has pleaded with the Department of Justice for immunity before testifying against Hillary Clinton over the incriminating contents of leaked emails. 

The former Clinton campaign manager is being investigated for his ties to Russia during the 2016 Presidential elections. According to a newly leaked document, Podesta is willing to dish the dirt on his former boss in exchange for a guarantee that he will not go to prison.

The letter, obtained by hackers at 4chan, appears to have been written from Podesta’s law firm to the DOJ. The letter reveals that both John Podesta and Hillary Clinton are being criminally investigated over the contents of emails leaked by WikiLeaks last year.

One of the most serious revelations to come out of The Podesta Emails was the fact that government and campaign officials used food-based pedophile codewords to covertly discuss pedophilia with each other – lending credibility to claims that a child sex ring involving Hillary Clinton and other high-level government officials operates out of Washington D.C.

The letter appears to have come from law firm Perkins Coie and is reproduced below in full:

March 30, 2017


Statement by Robin Kellert

Counsel to Mr. John Podesta

In light of recent developments regarding international connects and the possibility of investigations into foreign influence into the political campaigns for president in 2016, Mr. John Podesta seeks an immunity agreement from the Department of Justice as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigations in exchange for immediately coming forward and granting testimony to the aforementioned organizations and any other relevant body. As both the House and Senate have opened inquiries into the matter of Mr. Podesta’s leaked emails, it only stands to reason that they would ask his testimony as well.

Revelations in the past that three additional individuals, including Cheryl Mills, were granted immunity from prosecution in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal shows precedent for immunity agreements related to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Mr. Podesta’s track record of patriotic service to the United States under President Clinton and President Obama speaks for itself. His track record of openness and transparency with the American people includes Executive Order 12958, a tradition he is eager to uphold.