Jill Stein: Democrats Were The Real Meddlers In 2016 Election

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Jill Stein says Democrats were the real meddlers during 2016 election

Jill Stein has accused the DNC and Hillary Clinton of rigging the 2016 election, claiming the Democrats were the real ‘meddlers’ in American democracy. 

Speaking with MSNBC over the weekend, the 2016 Green Party candidate accused the media of focussing too much on the bogus Trump-Russia collusion narrative whilst ignoring the elephant in the living room – the Democratic party.

Mediaite reports: Days after the Russian indictments were handed down, Jill Stein appeared on MSNBC today to downplay Russian interference by pointing to American interference in the election.

She told Alex Witt the idea there was this big Russian attempt to back her campaign to hurt Hillary Clinton is absurd, saying, “This doesn’t pass the laugh test.”

She continued on to say there was “other kinds of interference,” like all the airtime the media gave Trump in 2016:

“Yes, there was Russian interference, but remember, there was very compelling interference going on by way of media, by way of the DNC––did the DNC not rig the primary?”

Watch the video:


The media’s obsession with the Russia narrative has gotten to the point of embarrassing.