Jerry Brown Signs Deal With Venezuela To Oversee Los Angeles Elections

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Jerry Brown signs deal with Venezuela to oversee all elections in Los Angeles

California Governor Jerry Brown has authorized a deal with a Venezuela-based company to build voting systems and oversee elections in Los Angeles.

The shady $242 million deal will allow a foreign company to literally meddle in our election process. reports: Secretary of State candidate Mark Meuser is questioning the decision by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for approving a controversial voting system that is slated to cost taxpayers upwards of $250 million, that was developed in Venezuela, and according to the United States Election System Commission is not qualified to operate in the United States.

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The Supervisors signed a contract with the Venezuelan Smartmatic, who’s Chairman is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown of the United Kingdom, President is Roger Pinate of Venezuela, and President of its North America operations is disgraced former California Secretary of State Kevin Shelly.

Smartmatic has been operating elections in the Philippines since 2010, but not without controversy, constant calls to cancel the contract, and ban it.