Japanese Citizens Flee Tokyo En Masse Following Fukushima Disaster

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Japanese residents are leaving Tokyo en masse following Fukushima nuclear disaster

The elite and wealthy in Tokyo are evacuating en masse due to dangerous levels of radiation following the Fukushima meltdown. 

One nuclear expert has warned people that they should not only leave Tokyo, but evacuate Japan altogether if they have the financial means to do so.

Agreenroad.blogspot.fr reports:

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She said that she would leave, if she could afford to do so. To find out more about this mega nuclear accident that has been mostly covered up, see; Nuclear Accidents, Recycling, Nuclear Fuel

This same process happens after every nuclear disaster, such as Chernobyl, etc. The most financially well off, intelligent and well connected nuclear industry families leave immediately after a nuclear disaster, because they KNOW the dangers, and do not stick around to inhale the worst of the worst.

Those people working inside of a nuclear plant that have families make cell phone calls and tell their loves ones to LEAVE, RIGHT NOW! Their children are taken out of harm’s way as soon as possible and are provided KI tablets.

Those who are not connected to the nuclear industry and who never hear about how bad it really is, sit and inhale the worst of the worst, with no warming at all, one nuclear disaster after another. The civilians are all treated the same way, no matter which country they live in.

Everyone else outside of the closed off nuclear ‘family’ is left to fend for themselves in the raw poisonous and radioactive air, while being told it will cause ‘no immediate harm’. The rich and the connected have the financial means and connections to make a major move quickly.

The rich and well connected can afford to leave behind possessions, real estate, businesses, etc. They know what really matters is living in a healthy body, and that is only possible if you are not exposed to massive amounts of radiation that comes from a nuclear reactor that is melting down.