ISIS Flag Seen On Mail Bomb Sent To CNN

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ISIS flag spotted on mail bomb sent to CNN

An ISIS flag was spotted on the pipe bomb package addressed to John Brennan and CNN, according to Daily Beast journalist Lacklan Markay.

“This looks like an ISIS flag on the pipebomb sent to CNN/Brennan,” tweeted Markay.

The package sent to CNN offices in New York were addressed to the former CIA director with a return address from former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Other users on Twitter questioned whether a sticker, clearly containing black and white ISIS markings, meant the bomb was mailed by the terror group.

Authorities at this time have not commented on the ISIS marking. reports: If true, the ISIS flag could either mean an ISIS-inspired Islamic terrorist is behind the mail bombings or the flag could be a shoddy attempt to hide the identity and true motive of the perpetrator.

The fact that all the targets of the bombings have been Democrats would suggest the latter.

Or the flag could be an attempt to claim that John Brennan and the Obama administration’s policies aided ISIS.

However, some on the right have begun to question the motive behind the attacks, with Candace Owens asserting that the timing is “suspicious” given their proximity to the mid-term elections.