ISIS Executes 250 Women For Refusing ‘Sexual Jihad’ In Mosul

sexual jihad

ISIS militants have executed 250 women for refusing to engage in ‘sexual jihad’ with their fighters since Iraq’s largest city Mosul fell into their hands in early June 2014.

Under the pretext of Shariah law women are forced to submit to sexual slavery through temporary marriage otherwise they could face harsh penalties for refusing.

Abna24 reports:

A Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official from Mosul, Said Mamuzini, said that life is too hard for the women in Mosul due to the ISIS strict rules imposed on them. ISIS began selecting women of Mosul and forced them into marrying its militants calling it temporary marriage or sexual jihad (jihad al-nikah) since it has taken control over Mosul, and the women who refused to submit to this practice would be executed.

“At least 250 girls have so far been executed by IS for refusing to accept the practice of sexual jihad, and sometimes the families of the girls were also executed for rejecting to submit to IS’s request” he said.

Ghayas Surchi, a PUK official from Mosul revealed that human rights are being widely violated in all IS-held territories, particularly the womens’ rights as they’re seen as commodities and they have no choice in choosing their spouses.

Surchi added that women are prohibited to go out alone in Mosul and they must be fully covered when they are in public. Girls and boys are also not allowed to see each other and talk, it is, therefore, hard for them to choose their soulmates.

However, there are dealers who secretly organise meetings between boys and girls and they charge a great deal of money.

IS militants took control of Mosul in June 2014, after the fall of Iraqi army in the city and since then it has been executing the residents of the city for various charges to spread fear and push the civilians to obey.

sexual jihadsexual jihad

Edmondo Burr

BA Economics/Statistics
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  • commonlaw

    More propaganda?

    • Bry

      I verified this story with a Kurdish friend who lives in the area. I worked as a paramedic in the Erbil and Sulimaniyah regions for two years. A typical sensational headline and may be a bit off on the total, but this is a legit story.

  • dumdum detector

    They shouldn’t be using phony pictures to support this story. Shame. If the story is true why use the picture of the little girl who was crying because she was shy while reciting the Koran at a public event, with the implication that she is a child bride, and why use the picture of the women wearing burkas in chains partaking in an act at a religious festival, implying that they are actual captives? These photos are commonly used in ati-islam propaganda and have been debunked accurately and often.

  • ayman

    BS..more propaganda..