ISIS: Child Made To Kill 2 Prisoners, New Video

Fact checked

A young child around 10 years old is shown in the most recent  ISIS execution video killing two alleged agents from Russian FSB spy agency.

The video is heavily edited. You do not see any blood or gore, nor do you actually see the spies being shot. This has led many to believe that the video, like others ISIS have put out, is fake. There have not been any, as yet, original unedited versions of this video to surface. reports:

The slickly-produced video – which bears all the hallmarks of previous ISIS propaganda productions – shows two men being interrogated in Russian about their alleged attempt to infiltrate the jihadi group on behalf of Russia’s FSB spy agency.

In the forced confession one of the men, a Kazakh national, says he was ordered to gather intelligence on a particular ISIS leader and use a flash drive to steal sensitive information to pass on to the FSB. The other alleged spy confesses to having been sent to assassinate a senior ISIS commander.

Although it is unclear whether their confessions were genuine or not (the confessions were clearly made under duress), the video itself does appear to be authentic – as does its grisly end.