ISIS Perform Chemical Weapons Tests On Human Guinea Pigs

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ISIS perform chemical weapons test on human guinea pigs

ISIS has tested deadly chemical weapons on prisoners in Nazi-style human guinea pig experiments, as part of a plant to contaminate Britain’s food supplies.

According to hidden documents at Mosul University discovered by Iraqi special forces, ISIS have used ‘human guinea pigs’ to test two chemical agents – resulting in the death of the prisoners. reports: British and US forces have verified the records as bona fide Isis papers.

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They document experiments on prisoners using pesticides and nicotine.

The nightmarish scenario is reminiscent of trials conducted by evil Nazi doctor Josef Mengele on concentration camp inmates during World War 2.

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a British chemical weapons expert, described Isis testing to the Times on humans as “almost holocaust type”.

He said: “This is a horrifying throwback to the Nazis who would test nerve agents on live humans.

“During the Second World War, the Nazis conducted thousands of deadly experiments with mustard gas on prisoners at Sachsenhausen concentration camp, near Berlin.”